Pittsburgh Meals in June 2021: opening and shutting

A new month has started, you know what it means. We’re back with the latest information on the monthly food and drink. The bar has hot new places to try this month. Coffee and cocktails, pizza and pasta, home cooking and beer, everything.

In most cases COVID-19 restrictions lifted in Pennsylvania On Memorial Day the restaurants were full and many restaurants I have a hard time finding resources You have to do this. In many cases there is still a shortage of staff. So don’t forget to be kind and careful. Of course I would like a tip.

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So don’t forget to drink (and eat) responsibly.


So that Back to food char I just released the sequel. The popular burger and wing spot has moved to a new location on East Carson Street, making it the first black-owned store in South Sideworks. Trib live..

So that DarideriteFor many years, a Swissvale neighborhood eatery has been selling sweets under a new owner and will soon be adding a dairy-free option. Good food Pittsburgh..

Defel coffee & tea, a favorite of the Strip District, recently opened a new store on the Highline and has since expanded to a different location in South Auckland.

So that Eagle Food & Beer Bar Offers South Steel City classics, including fried chicken, hash puppies, and kale. There is indoor and outdoor seating on Pen Avenue in downtown. NEXT Pittsburgh..

🍺 Four point browsIs a Charleroi based brewery reusing an old clover leaf inn on the north side, with indoor and outdoor areas for lots of drinks.

Galley bakery space Cooks according to the concept of four restaurants: GG’s Cafe, Somi, City Fresh Pasta and Bubba’s. Can’t you pick and choose a place to take your friends out for dinner? There is something for everyone at this location, inspired by the former Smallman Galley in the Strip District.

So that Goodlander Is a cocktail brewery in Larimer that serves drinks from kegs with carbonated, lean cocktails like the Moscow Mule, Gin Tonic and Mojito. It is sold in a glass growler so you can return it and refill it for fun.

Restaurant Restaurant The Italian restaurant First pizza maker Resumed under new ownership and back in operation Pizza and pasta from Neopolis Located on the market square.

Grandpa in the cold Rebel room and businessman’s lounge Two casual restaurants in the Industrial List Hotel, the newest downtown hotel. The Level Room serves American cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Industrial Lounge is a great place to have a cocktail after work. Hospitality network..

Ooigui Tonic coffeeIs a women-run coffee / mocktail bar “inspired by world travel and inclusivity” currently serving artistic drinks in Lawrenceville.

Editor’s note: My partner and I tried it over the weekend and it was a very good experience. I had a lavender latte and it had their signature drink, tonic coffee. The drink was rustic with charcoal and refreshing with notes of lime. This is arguably the coolest (and only) coffee cocktail I’ve ever tried.

Awakening of the cold taste Urban oven Is a wood-fired shop in the Strip District that throws pizza, paninis, and even pancakes.

see you soon

Hey Oiguwa 40 north Will take over former Bruges on the north side this summer, bringing global cuisine to Alphabet City on the north side. It shares space with the City of Asylum bookstore and is run by Chef Bethany Zozula. And Beverage Director Sam Suter. Both used to be the Ace Hotel’s popular Whitfield restaurant. Pittsburgh magazine..

So that Gastropub & garage at the rear Parked on Butler Street, is a converted auto repair shop that sells groceries inspired by road trips across the United States NEXT Pittsburgh..

Ozake Bitter Endrai & Charcuterie Bar Sister restaurant of the Rear End and former location of Nooch’s Bar. It offers “Whiskey and Meat” in a modern speakeasy with specialty cocktails and charcuterie boards. This location is slated to open two months after Rear End.

So that G’s on Liberty Alexander’s Italian Bistro on Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield is being replaced by “a full service restaurant that focuses on authentic, innovative and creative cuisine and cocktails”. The opening date is getting closer. “Come closer and closer

Wallpaper theory ConalmaIs a popular shady restaurant and jazz bar opening a second location this summer directly across from the Heinz Hall in the city center.

Near Grange. will be built Gordes Tacos & Tequila In Mount Washington.

Cold taste Burger brewing Next up, Pittsburgh reportedly plans to offer Smashburger on the South Side High Line this summer.

Awakening of the cold taste Grilled Loreley firewood Comes to East Liberty from the team behind Lorelei, a cocktail bar in the historic Werner building. Follow the pizza popup while they’re still in the store.

🍺 Sly Fox Brewing CompanyThe Philadelphia-based brewery gained a foothold on the South Side High Line this summer.

Uncle in the cold Luxury with octopusA fusion of Asia and Mexico in Bakery Square this summer.

Hey gouf Journeyman’s dining table Still on Butler Street, soon to be serving new American cuisine along with craft cocktails, wine, and local beer.

Hey Oiguru Ada coffee and tea house Opened a fourth store in the downtown cultural district this fall, with a café and local sales hall. Good food Pittsburgh..

🍺 Backyard brows Has a mission to create Dormont’s first craft brewery, Follow her progress on Instagram..

Awakening of the cold taste AVPThe pizza-centric Alta Via spin-off will join the Bakery Square restaurant lineup and large burrito restaurant portfolio across the city later this year, Pittsburgh Magazine reports.

So thatStory Building LoungeThe “hidden” Victorian Bar is the latest project from a specialty store owner, led by Dr. Tumblety’s time in Allentown was inspired and will be available this fall, NEXTPittsburgh reports.

Hey Oiguwa Tupelo honeyA southern culinary chain will hit Station Square later this fall and will be an early anchor for the updated cargo house store, according to the Pittsburgh patch.

Hey gouf Wild boy, Famous chef Jamilka Borges brings Caribbean-influenced cuisine to Mount Etna. It will be open soon Let’s take a look inside See you.

Oijiwaa Bonafide beer Planned for a former chicken latino spot in the strip area.

Oijiwaa Two Fraise Brewery Working on the Garfield room in the pen. There are many photos along the avenue showing the progress of the Nagaya cleanup.

🐟 Working on the Wild Ninja Asian Grill PennsylvAsia reports that it is well underway in Auckland to replace Uncle Sam’s Gourmet Subs.

💛 Into the coffeeRecently took over the old crazy mocha storefront on the North Side but plans to open another location in Bloomfield.

Graffiti master from New York Posman Books and Odd Fellows Ice Cream Co. Next, Pittsburgh reportedly teamed up in a terminal building on the Strip to share stories and shovels.

Long-term opening of our radar

Cold taste Pittsburgh Sandwich Society The food truck is celebrating its 5th anniversary and plans to expand to Millvale’s stationary locations.

Hey Oiguru 2 sisters 2 sons Sharpsburg announces a second location that will serve “the most authentic Caribbean cuisine in town”.

Happiness in the cold Bento A new restaurant is due to open in Shadyside, Pennsylvania says, but nothing is said about the details or the schedule.

🍺 Pittsburgh Brewing Company Plans a new brewery at the former Pittsburgh Glassworks facility on 40 acres of land along the Allegheny River in Clayton. The Pittsburgh Business Times provides the latest information on the location’s fascinating history.

Hey Oiguru Tupelo honey tea Millvale will acquire the adjacent building and refurbish and expand it over the next few years. We’re hosting a PS Garden Tea Party!

Cold clothes Grist House Craft Brewery Korea Township Cold War-era Nike Missile Command Center is being converted into another base in front of the Post Office in a popular brewery. There is a lot of work waiting to be done, however, so be patient. The opening date is expected to be in one to two years.

Under agar Howlers are moving City Paper moved to East Liberty after 19 years in Bloomfield.

Awakening of the cold taste Great burrito Bringing an unnamed restaurant specializing in pizza, vegetable dishes, and burgers to Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh Magazine reports.

Cold taste Arlington Beverage ClubA new concept from acclaimed chef Kevin Sousa gets into the details of Pittsburgh Current, an old social club in Allentown called the St. George Lyceum.

Cold and warm Vandal owners Bring two new concepts Post-Gazette has arrived at the mine building in the city center. One is a sandwich shop. The other is a sacrament club called St. John.


After 37 years of gourmet cuisine on Grange Street Carlton Restaurant downtown closed. Executive Chef Simon Dejon will soon found the Carlton Catering Company for the event, according to Pittsburgh Magazine.

☕ Locally popular, Siegs coffeeHas gradually closed its business over the past few months, but if you’ve recently posted a Facebook announcement and another Zeke’s Coffee location in Pittsburgh shows up or beans show up in a grocery store, a local business no longer operates it.

➡️ That’s just a peek. Check out the full list for more news on upcoming restaurants in Pittsburgh.

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