Pittsburgh Metropolis Council adopts “environmentally and socially accountable” procurement practices

Pittsburgh City Council passed an ordinance on Monday obliging the city to participate in so-called “sustainable and socially responsible” procurement practices.

The law requires city officials to evaluate potential providers and service providers on factors such as sustainability, diversity and inclusion to ensure that the city’s taxpayers’ money supports environmentally and socially responsible providers and companies that enter into professional service contracts.

The point system does not apply to subcontractors such as teams paving city streets. It would apply to companies like law firms that work with the city.

The ordinance also instructs city officials to consider elements such as transportation distance and product reuse when considering proposals. For example, city officials would consider things like packaging and delivery-related emissions when assessing low bid contracts.

The legislation also updates the city code for the purchase of paper products, electronics, lighting, furniture and office supplies to align with the administration’s environmental goals. For example, buying more energy-efficient LED lights would be preferable to traditional light bulbs.

Another ordinance issued on Monday requires all Pittsburgh city councils to use the electronic signature for official documents.

The use of electronic signatures became commonplace during the Covid-19 pandemic. The city estimated this reduced waste by more than £ 5,800 in two years.

Julia Felton is a contributor to Tribune Review. You can contact Julia at 724-226-7724, jfelton@triblive.com, or on Twitter.

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