Pittsburgh Pirates Information: Group indicators Owen Kellington

U-32 senior Owen Kellington fires a game against Lamoille in East Montpelier on Tuesday, May 18, 2021. Bur Owen Kellington U32 Baseball 6th

Pittsburgh Pirates: The Next Step in Rebuilding by Noah Wright

On Saturday night, the Pittsburgh Pirates announced that they had signed the 5th round pick Owen Kellington, giving them 19 of 21 signed draft picks

The 2021 MLB Draft was a complete success for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Many pundits rated the pirate draft haul as the best in all of baseball, a big part of which was that it had 5 top 100 draft prospects in catcher Henry Davis, outfielder Lonnie White Jr. and Bralon Bishop and pitcher Anthony Signed Solometo and Bubba Chandler.

When the dust settled, the Pittsburgh Pirates signed 19 of their 21 draft picks. The last of those picks to sign was right-handed pitcher Owen Kellington. Saturday night the Prep Righty signed with the Pirates for $ 600,000. The pirates used every single cent they could spend on the draft without exceeding the draft threshold.

Kellington chose the Pittsburgh Pirates over his commitment to the University of Connecticut. Now that he’s signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates, fans can expect Kellington to report to the Florida State League Pirates on where he’ll be pitching.

Kellington played in the Futures Collegiate Baseball League that season. In the FCBL, he made two starts for the Vermont Lake Monsters. If his two stats allowed Kellington only 1 hit, he went 3 and he hit 7 in 5 scoreless innings of work.

Kellington was an alien during his high school season. In 49 innings thrown, he posted a 0.22 ERA, knocking out 133 batters. This helped Kellington become the best-drafted Vermont prep player in MLB draft history.

Kellington was also successful as a senior. He reached 0.667 with 7 home runs and 26 batted in runs. As a professional, however, Kellington focuses exclusively on pitching.

By signing Kellington, the Pittsburgh Pirates signed 19 of their 21 draft picks. As mentioned earlier, this includes 5 of the top 100 prospects in the draft. No matter how you cut it, the 2021 MLB draft was a huge hit for Ben Cherington and the Pirates on paper.

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