Pittsburgh Pirates Information: The legendary Usher dies

April 27, 2018; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Pirates’ former usher Phil Coyne reacts before a ceremony in honor of his 100th birthday. Coyne retired after last season after serving as an usher for 81 years. The pirates are home to the St. Louis Cardinals in PNC Park. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

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From everyone here at Rum Bunter, our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go to the family of longtime Pittsburgh Pirates who introduce Phil Coyne

Pittsburgh Pirates fans mourn a huge loss. Long-time pirate nurse Phil Coyne died on Friday at the age of 102. For many people in Pittsburgh, Coyne was what their city they love was all about.

Not only was this man an amazing pirate fanatic and worker; This man was a real hero. As a veteran of World War II, Coyne defended the very democracy and freedom that will exist today. I think each of us who has participated in a pirate game in the last 81 years of our service has a Phil Coyne story to tell. My story is probably like many others, but it nonetheless embodies everything that Coyne was about.

I remember a kind man with a soft voice, hat in hand, shuffling my seat and asking if he could help me. I showed him my ticket and without hesitation he directed me to the seat, wiped it off and said, “Enjoy the game and don’t have too much fun!” The sheer happiness he showed while just doing his job I think is something we can all learn from, no matter what you do, do it with a smile!

Coyne began working with the pirates back in the Forbes Field days when he was only 18 years old. For me it’s crazy to think about it. Coyne had the same job from 1937 to 2018, and keeping that smile in the service for 81 years is nothing short of remarkable to me. The Pittsburgh community doesn’t just admire his commitment. His badge and outfit will forever be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame for all to see and admire his dedication and loyalty.

Before the Pittsburgh Pirates take on the Chicago Cubs on Saturday night, why not say a little prayer for Coyne and his family? I can only see Mr. Coyne waving his hands up and down in the sky now, looking for his beloved pirates. We love you Phil and I hope you don’t have too much fun up there!

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