Pittsburgh Pizzeria Internationally Lauded | Pittsburgh, PA Patch

PITTSBURGH, PA — A suburban Pittsburgh pizzeria has been named one of the nation’s best pizza places by an Italian website that rates such establishments worldwide.

Il Pizzaiolo in Mt. Lebanon was ranked 39th in the country by 50TopPizza.

“In one of Pittsburgh’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Ron Molinaro has managed to bring a piece of Naples and Southern Italy to the county town of Allegheny in Pennsylvania,” the wbsite review stated.

“The long leavening of the dough, certified Neapolitan by the association that protects the brand, allows you to always have a product of excellent quality. As the ingredients used are of excellent quality, the San Marzano tomato comes from Southern Italy, while the mozzarella, always fresh, is produced on site. Also try the proposal of pasta, between fresh and dried, always cooked al dente.”

To determine the rankings, website workers anonymously examined numerous pizzerias across the country. Factors that were assessed included dough quality and topping ingredients, but beer and wine selections and attention given to the customer also were considered.

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