Pittsburgh Police Drive Making ready for Potential Penalties of Derek Chauvin’s Judgment – WPXI

PITTSBURGH – As the nation awaits a verdict in the Derek Chauvin Trial, Pittsburgh police prepare for the aftermath.

“We are prepared for the process with whatever is happening. We don’t put up much out there, but we met with other agencies in western Pennsylvania, ”said Scott Schubert, Pittsburgh police chief.

Public security officials said there was a lot of planning going on behind the scenes. You work with federal, state, and local authorities but ultimately hope for peace.

Schubert said the police will do everything possible to “give individuals the opportunity to express their first rights of amendment”.

Local organizations plan a day of action on the day of the judgment. The organizer of the Coalition for the Police Accountability Alliance sent Channel 11 the following statement:

“We believe the Floyd family deserves absolute justice. It has become a disgusting, harmful trend that we are to blame for the brutal way we lose our lives to law enforcement. We fight because we need change and that is what our day of action is all about: moving forward as a community to make the changes we want to see. We must be organized and united to defeat white supremacy that pervades the systems, institutions and governments that rule our lives. We also need to gather to heal and spread love. As we stand together with the Floyd family and those across the country who are victims of state-sanctioned violence, we recognize and elevate those in our own cities and counties who have faced the gross injustices that plague our humanity. We ask everyone to join us in solidarity in order to continue the fight for justice at home and abroad. “

The Pennsylvania NAACP president said his team will also monitor the verdict very closely and plan to publish their own action plan soon.

The organizers of Black Lives Matter in Pittsburgh said once the verdict is passed – innocent or guilty – people will meet in Freedom Corner. They ask people to bring candles, flowers, letters for loved ones, and balloons to honor the lost.

As a precaution, Governor Tom Wolf activated the National Guard in Philadelphia.

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