Pittsburgh Police examine early morning gunfire in Manchester

The telegraph

Prince’s arrest is a centerpiece of the model Jordanian royal family

With no competing bloodlines or public rivalries, the Jordan royal family has traditionally avoided the high profile arrests, purges and coups seen in other Middle Eastern monarchies. It is part of the regime’s carefully cultivated reputation as a Western Allied bastion of stability in a region that is often marked by chaos. But Prince Hamzah’s house arrest and the imprisonment of another young member of the royal family and several other high-profile figures have previously dramatically exposed private rifts. “Praying that truth and justice may apply to all innocent victims of this evil slander. God bless and protect her, ”Hamzah’s American-born mother, Queen Noor, tweeted on Sunday morning. While the Jordanian government denied Hamzah had been arrested, a video his attorney told the BBC showed the prince said he was “not allowed to go out, communicate with or meet people because of the meetings that I have Was present on – or on social media in relation to visits I had made – and criticized the government or the king. “

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