Pittsburgh prohibits parking on bike paths, with exceptions

With a few exceptions, Pittsburgh drivers are no longer allowed to park on bike paths.

The city council unanimously passed an ordinance on Tuesday that bans parking on the city’s bike paths.

Bike lanes are now added to a list of places where motorists cannot park – with other areas like zebra crossings, sidewalks, railroad tracks, bridges, and tunnels.

The Pittsburgh Police Department and the city park authority will enforce the law.

The measure includes some exceptions added by changes passed last week and Tuesday.

There will be an exception for people with disabilities, said councilor Bobby Wilson, who introduced the measure at the end of November.

The change also provides that the director of the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure can make additional exceptions. In these places signs would be put up with the applicable exceptions.

City council members had suggested that some of the city’s churches may need exemptions from the rule as their parishes use bicycle lanes for parking during Sunday services. Such exemptions could be granted by the Ministry of Mobility and Infrastructure, officials said.

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