Pittsburgh Public Colleges and Wilkinsburg hope to increase schooling partnership for one more 5 years – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Superintendent of the Pittsburgh Public Schools, Dr. Anthony Hamlet, is calling a program to teach Wilkinsburg’s junior high and senior high students great success.

Five years ago, Wilkinsburg was having trouble training students, so officials agreed to send some to Pittsburgh Public Schools. Everyone involved says it was a great success and that it should take another five years.

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Hundreds of Wilkinsburg students have the opportunity to take advantage of the programs offered at Pittsburgh Public Schools. Options include Magnet Schools, Special Education, and The Pittsburgh Promise.

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“We have our students in 13 different buildings in the PPS system. We have had two valedictorians. We have students at CAPA. We have one or two going all the way to Brashear so it works really, really well, ”said Ed Donovan, president of the Wilkinsburg School Board.

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The two school authorities will meet next week to discuss the future of the program. In June, the Boards hope to give final approval to extend the program for another five years.

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