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By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – you need your vote! This year, several dogs from the Pittsburgh area were nominated for the American Humane Hero Dog Awards.

The American Humane Hero Dogs Awards is an annual national competition honoring “common dogs who do extraordinary things.”

The competition consists of seven categories: law enforcement and detection dogs, assistance dogs, therapy dogs, military dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide / hearing dogs and protection dogs.

There are several Pennsylvania dogs that have been nominated, including dogs from here in the southwestern state.

First and foremost is a familiar face of the competition. Penny is ready for the front runner price again, but she is already a heroine to so many children from her calming presence at Crisis Center North.

For years, Penny has been comforting the local women, children and families who pass through the court system as victims of domestic violence. She is the founding attorney for the centre’s Paws For Empowerment program.

(Source: Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office / Facebook)

Vote for Penny in the Therapy Dog category by clicking here.

Also in the therapy dog ​​category is Boone from Hookstown, Pennsylvania. This small town Beaver County puppy “survived heartbreaking cruelty as a puppy.” Now he’s a happy-go-lucky dog ​​who won’t let a wheelchair get him down.

Boone is the dog ambassador for Joey’s PAW, a nonprofit that provides mobility devices to puppies who need them, not just in the Pittsburgh area but across the country.

(Courtesy photo of the American Humane Hero Dog Awards)

Click here to vote for Boone in the Therapy Dog category.

Clover was nominated for the Service category and has helped her person with sensory processing disorders and autism spectrum disorders.

(Courtesy photo of the American Humane Hero Dog Awards)

If you’d like to give Clover a voice, visit her page here.

Two dogs from Altoona also belong to the service category. That includes little Quinn and the coolest name dog ever, Shadow Batdog!

Carmel was nominated in the Guide / Hearing category and has helped her owner, whose eyesight is severely impaired.

(Courtesy photo of the American Humane Hero Dog Awards)

Vote for Carmel in the Guide / Hearing Dog category by clicking here.

Beauty belongs to the shelter category and, according to its owner, has raised awareness of pit bulls and helped charitable causes.

(Courtesy photo of the American Humane Hero Dog Awards)

Click here to cast your vote for Beauty.

The contest is currently in its first round of voting and entrants can vote until 3 p.m. Eastern Time on May 6, 2021. Organizers say seven dogs will be featured, but the 2021 American Hero Dog overall award only goes to one canine.

The awards ceremony will air on the Hallmark Channel this October.

Click here to view all dog nominations.

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