Pittsburgh Sweet Retailer advantages from Monolith Craze

Christopher Beers, the owner of Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, decided to capitalize on the recent craze for mysterious monoliths by commissioning his own monolith, as shown in this video uploaded December 4th .

Beers told Reuters that he installed the monolith to boost candy sales. The monolith later “disappeared” according to a post on the candy store’s Facebook page, but was later reinstalled in the same location.

“We are honored to receive the overwhelmingly positive response to the hundreds of people who went to the Strip today to take a selfie and see our ‘monolith,'” the post said. “We thank everyone for their continued support and hope this has brought some comic relief to such a difficult time.” Photo credit: Maranie R. Staab via Storyful

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