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Courtesy of the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum

Emotions while playing in Pixar at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum

After months of false starts and stops Pittsburgh Children’s Museum Last weekend we officially welcomed the crowd. Children, their families and caregivers now have access to many of the museum’s interactive activities and important new exhibits inspired by the hit animated films.

Opened on June 12th, Feelings to play with Pixar inside out, world premiere at the museum. In the press release it is advertised as the first interactive exhibition based on Inside Out Moves to a New City. The film received critical acclaim for its mission to help children understand and process emotions, as the story is guided by the protagonists of joy, anger, fear, sadness, and disgust.

This exhibition was developed by the Children’s Museum in collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios. It will be exhibited in museums until January 9, 2022, after which it will tour through museums and libraries nationwide.

“Partnership between Pixar and its animated film Inside out“ It helps the children’s museum to expand its innovative museum experience with a focus on social and emotional learning, ”says Jane Werner, managing director of the children’s museum. “This is a very important part of the child’s development and is especially timely as it brings the child and family back to the museum after such a difficult year.”

The exhibition includes an interactive experience that “helps visitors understand the important role of emotion, memory and imagination in our daily lives”. Many adventure and digital experiences are directly inspired by cinematic aspects, such as a control panel that enables visitors to “explore the range and strength of their emotions”. In other activities, children explore how they express emotions with their faces and bodies, how they process their memories, how emotions interact and “use their imaginations to create stories and dream productions. You can “run along”.

“I was delighted to be working with the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum on this exhibition. For me as a filmmaker, it was an incredible pleasure to see the elements of our film reinterpreted in an interactive experience. Bring (sorry, sorry!). The exhibit is informative and fun for the kids, and their parents are very proud of all of us in Pittsburgh. ”Inside-out producer Jonas Rivera in a press release.

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Courtesy of the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum

Emotions while playing in Pixar at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum

In addition to Feelings at play, the museum will also feature the Kindness Gallery, where visitors can “express themselves through communication-based activities,” inspired by Fred Rogers’ work. Mr. Rogers Neighbor Hood and Lessons from the PBS series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. The museum has also started an installation of Cryptid Critters.

The reopening also means a revitalization of regular museum content that has been updated to ensure that visits are “exciting, fun, safe and as enjoyable as possible.” MAKESHOP and Waterplay have been redesigned and the garage has two new activities. An interactive projection of the old boules planetarium onto the domed dome and a new climbing net by the artist Manca Ahlin.Studio works Doll: Beautiful FantasyBased on the museum’s Margo Love Race collection.

The adjacent Museum Lab, which is only open on Saturdays and Sundays, is reopening with two new exhibits, the climbing environment The Stacks Gymlacium and FACE VALUE by Studio Lab.

The kindergarten, Limender and museum cafés are still closed, but visitors are now allowed to bring food and drink with them during their visit to enjoy in the café. The fountains in the children’s museum and museum laboratory are not in operation.

Even as more people are vaccinated and the number of deaths related to COVID-19 positive cases continues to shrink in Allegheny County, many teens and children have not yet been vaccinated and may be at risk for the virus. As of April, the Pennsylvania Department of Health updated vaccine usage as follows: Includes residents over 12 years of age.

For this reason, the museum continues to implement security measures such as limiting capacity, canceling admission with season tickets, wearing masks for all employees and visitors, and measuring the temperature of people entering the building. I am.

In addition, the museum has other COVID-19 precautions such as installing touchless technology in the lobby and bathroom, setting up hand sanitizing stations across campus, and cleaning the exhibition area every night and regularly on weekdays. Added.

The museum has also updated its opening times so that it is only open four days a week with a “phased expansion plan”.

Pittsburgh Children’s Museum Reopens at World Premiere of New Pixar Exhibition | Art + entertainment | Pittsburgh

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