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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – May is National Bicycle Month and there is an increased focus on the safety of cyclists.

In Pittsburgh, the theme is in the foreground, as the city installs miles of bike paths. But these bike paths are a huge divide for Pittsburghers.

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If you think Pittsburgh is seeing more and more bike lanes, you are not wrong. And when it comes to opinions on the bike paths, not everyone takes the same route.

Pittsburgh has approximately 75 miles of bike paths. And the plan is to eventually quadruple that amount.

“The more the better. I think it’s good for the people. I think it’s good for the city,” said a Pittsburgh man.

“I don’t like them because they take all the roads. The cars have less space, ”said another.

Can we all get along? How can riders and cyclists live together in the narrow streets of Pittsburgh? PennDOT says you can start obeying the law. The riders must give space to the cyclists. But bikers also have to obey the law.

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“Cyclists are seen as vehicles on the road. This means that cyclists have to obey the same traffic rules as a normal vehicle, ”said Yasmeen Manyisha from PennDOT.

It has also created problems for some businesses. A downtown medical company says it is moving out after losing patient parking on bike paths.

“We are really disappointed that they took away the parking lot here and created the bike paths. We have a lot of patients who need accessible parking, ”said Laura Serena.

It has even become a political problem as Mayor Peduto pushes Pittsburgh to be a more bike-friendly city.

“This isn’t really a bike city. I understand what Peduto is trying to do. But that’s not Europe, it’s Pittsburgh, ”said Serena.

“I think the bike lanes in Pittsburgh really have come a long way. I think they are good for people. Bring the city back to the people. You can use it. And I love it, ”said one cyclist.

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Love them or hate them, get ready for them because if you live in Pittsburgh, a bike path comes into your neighborhood.

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