Pittsburghers waited when USPS noticed an unprecedented surge in mail – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The United States Postal Service says it continues to see an “unprecedented” surge in mail as some people in the Pittsburgh area claim delays.

The USPS website thanks customers for their patience and warns that “the effects of COVID-19 have seen unprecedented increases in volume and reduced staff availability.”

KDKA has received several emails from people claiming they have not received any magazines, periodicals or catalogs that they normally receive on a weekly basis.

For Rich Zahren vom Berg. Lebanon, including its weekly delivery of The Economist, a global political and economic magazine.

“There are three of those I didn’t receive,” he said.

Zahren says that certain things were noticeably missing from his mailbox in the past three weeks.

“Magazines, periodicals, and catalogs just didn’t come, and it’s not just a problem for me personally,” he said. “I see our neighbors see the same thing.”

A man in Allison Park claims he experienced something similar.

John Walluck says he has not received any newspapers, magazines or periodicals in the past two weeks. After realizing that certain publications were not arriving in the mail, he called his local post office.

He says the person he spoke to on the phone told him they prioritized Christmas packages.

“Then he said don’t expect any magazines, newspapers or magazines to be delivered until February,” Walluck said of his call to the post office.

Although a USPS spokesman did not provide information on when late mail might arrive, he said mailers everywhere faced challenges during the holidays. The spokesman made a statement saying:

The US Postal Service, like the wider shipping sector, continues to face short-term pressures on service performance across various categories as it has a historic record holiday volume this season. The Postal Service’s 644,000 employees remain focused on delivering for the nation.

At the national and local levels, we delivered a record number of packages this Christmas time amid the pandemic, which had a significant impact on the availability of our staff. Capacity problems with airlifts and trucks to transport this historic volume of mail are also causing temporary delays. The shippers took full advantage of these challenges. We accept all volumes that are presented to us, which increases the workload challenge. Our entire operations team, from collection through processing to delivery, worked around the clock over the past weekend to address the historical volume, including returns.

We pride ourselves on the hard work and dedication of our employees and will continue to work around the clock to deliver all packages and mail items entered into our system, including returns. We thank our customers for their continuous support and understanding.

Even so, people like Walluck and Zahren still hope that the products they paid for will show up soon.

“I paid for it,” said Zahren. “The Economist paid to deliver them and I am not getting them. I should at least understand who made the decision, what decision they made and what they will do to fix it? “

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