Pittsburgh’s Fireworks Activity Drive begins imposing Fireworks Legal guidelines now by July 5 – WPXI

PITTSBURGH – Pittsburgh city officials said the Fireworks Task Force will enforce the law and respond to fireworks complaints by July 5.

Fireworks purchase became legal in the state in October 2017, which, according to a press release, “resulted in a sharp annual increase in firework-related service calls.” Officials reported seven building fires, several bush fires, injuries and several noise complaints last year. 22 quotations were distributed.

City officials want to remind people that while it is legal to buy them, it is not legal to fire them within 50 feet of a building. They may not be used in any part of the city, on ball fields or on city-owned land.

Task force members and uniformed police officers will respond to firework-related complaints and explain the laws and regulations. Additional calls to the same address could result in a $ 100 fine and confiscation of the fireworks.

The task force consists of eight police officers and firefighters.

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