Pittsburgh’s First Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Outpatient Clinic Opens to COVID-19 Sufferers – CBS Pittsburgh

PLEASANT HILLS, Pennsylvania (KDKA) – Pittsburgh’s first outpatient monoclonal antibody infusion clinic opened its doors to COVID-19 patients on Wednesday.

Olympus Infusions in Pleasant Hills has partnered with its sister company Spartan Pharmacy to enable pharmacists to give IV infusions to high-risk COVID-19 patients.

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The Food and Drug Administration reports that the monoclonal antibody infusions help ward off and prevent serious diseases.

“The main goal is to keep people from turning to serious cases and keep them out of the hospital,” said Jodi Mitchell, pharmacist at Spartan Pharmacy.

Mitchell said the treatment is for high-risk COVID patients who test positive for the virus.

She said these patients include anyone over 65 or with chronic illnesses such as lung or kidney disease.

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“If you need oxygen therapy, this is not for you. These are mild to moderate cases that are still at home, ”said Mitchell.

Mitchell said her mission is to keep COVID-19 patients out of the hospital.

“It’s about 70% effective in reducing symptoms. It’s not going to be something where you come and get your IV and you feel better the next day, ”said Mitchell.

She said it takes about 20 minutes to get an IV. Treatment is free.

“When you come in, we’ll check you in and take your vital signs. We’ll get you into the infusion chair. The infusion itself only takes about 20 minutes and then you sit for another hour. We have nurses who watch out just in case someone has any kind of reaction, ”Mitchell said.

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To find out if you are eligible and how to make an appointment, click here. You can also call 1-800-720-7287 to make an appointment.

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