Pittsburgh’s Pat Narduzzi on the brand new raider Jimmy Morrissey

Just after the Las Vegas Raiders selected indoor offensive lineman Jimmy Morrissey In the seventh round of the NFL Draft, college coach Pat Narduzzi texted Raider Maven about the young man.

Pat Narduzzi, the proud University of Pittsburgh soccer head coach, compromised his credibility for his former player. The Clemson Tigers had picked five players in the 2021 NFL Draft, but Narduzzi’s Panthers led the ACC with six.

Narduzzi accompanied his long-time friend Hondo Carpenter on the morning show “Pritch & Clay”. Carpenter is the editor and editor of Sports Illustrated’s Raider Maven, co-hosted by Raider Nation Radio (LINK TO LISTEN LIVE) Monday.

Carpenter had been to Narduzzi’s in Pittsburgh several times and had met Morrissey. Narduzzi discussed at length what the Raiders are getting out of Morrissey.

“I just think he’s a born leader. He’s a connector of people – he knows every name in our buildings, he’s one of the guys who really resonates with leadership qualities and, in addition to his athletic skills on the field, his intelligence as a center and Identification lightning bolts and fronts. You know I think he’s every quarterback’s dream. ”Narduzzi on the type of player that Morrissey is.

The Raiders chose Morrissey with their seventh round election, 230 total, in last weekend’s NFL draft. As a former Pitt employee, Coach Narduzzi had a good chance of evaluating Morrissey during his camps. You liked the guy; They saw him work off his cock, he did everything they asked him to, and suddenly he won a place on the team, received a scholarship, became a starter and chose the team captain.

“Yeah, you know he loves the game of soccer, I mean the kid loves to play soccer. He loves being in meetings and I think that’s where it starts. Some of these guys just want to make money and make a living. This guy wants to play football. He wants to play at the top level, he wants to go out and start on Sunday, he has a dream, he’s going to make it happen, he has goals to pursue. And I don’t know if that’s Guy might be turned down, “said Narduzzi of Morrissey, who was on a mission to fulfill his NFL dreams.

Coach Narduzzi was more impressed with Morrissey’s ability to point out and identify everything the defense was doing and return to his offensive line and make the necessary adjustments.

“I don’t know how many centers do that. He’s a student of the game. I don’t know, another guy who understands the game the way he does, I really don’t. He’s going to get in there and be a quarterback under that Snap in the middle and grab a shotgun, he can do anything, “said Narduzzi of how intelligent his former player was.

It was an easy sale for coach Narduzzi. Jeopardizing his credibility for a player he believes has so much upside potential and potential in the NFL.

“He’s a Gruden guy, this guy is a grinder like Gruden. He’s tough, Gruden will love this guy on his offensive and offensive lines. But you know, I’ll never tell anyone my name I don’t know . ” believe in it, “said Narduzzi as he risked his reputation for a player he believes will succeed in the next level.

In Pittsburg, Narduzzi’s soccer team selected six of his players in the 2021 NFL draft, most of them in the ACC. Morrissey was one of the six picks that went to the Raiders.

Coach Narduzzi knows the Raiders are drawing him. You will get a mill once proven and on a mission to fulfill your dreams in the NFL.

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