Police detective surrenders, accused of drawing gun and threatening 1 man throughout NYE celebration – CBS Pittsburgh

PITCAIRN (KDKA) – A local police officer charged himself after investigators alleged he pulled out his gun and stuck it in another man’s side during a New Year’s Eve party.

Police say North Braddock officer Craig Gibson surrendered to Pitcairn officers. Gibson is being held in Allegheny County Jail while awaiting charges.

According to the criminal complaint, police witnesses said Gibson appeared drunk when he showed up to a party uninvited on Thursday night. The police say he was with a friend.

(Photo by Allegheny County Jail)

The criminal complaint reports that four witnesses said Gibson had his badge visible and that he was wearing his gun on his waist.

“An off duty cop who brandishes a gun and has his badge and actually holsters people with the gun,” said Scott Farally, Pitcairn police chief.

Police say people at the party asked him to put his gun and badge down “because it was unnecessary,” and then investigators said Gibson pulled the gun out and pressed it against a man’s side.

“He actually took the gun out of the holster and put it on other people’s ribs,” Farally said.

The victim and another man asked Gibson and his friend to leave.

The criminal complaint reports that the two men were even discussing how Gibson can be disarmed “if it escalates after telling him to leave”.

However, police say Gibson and his friend both left after the friend suggested they leave.

No one was injured in the incident.

“How can we bond within the community if we don’t have integrity and do these things to community members?” said Farally.

McKeesport’s Gibson is charged with terrorist threats, simple assault, harassment, and reckless endangerment.

“We have no problem with him. Great officer, does a lot of things here. When I heard what happened, I was shocked, ”said Isaac Daniele, North Braddock Police Chief.

The North Braddock police chief says Gibson has been suspended and removed from the schedule.

“We just did so much this past month that we took huge amounts of heroin off the street. Something like that is a bit of a kickdown, ”said Daniele.

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