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Pittsburgh (KDKA) – Something interesting happens when the family breaks out of a year of forced coexistence and begins to ride the four winds.

“Though there was a lot of intimacy in how we still keep this family unit together, have some family fun, slow down our lives, and spend time away from our screens. I’m looking, ”says a lifestyle and parenting expert, blogger, three Amanda Musulo mothers.

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She says it is important to plan the children’s summer because schools are banned.

“Know that you can turn off your screen, clean up your phone, play games old and new, and enjoy your life a little,” she says.

Kids may dislike turning off electronic entertainment, but Mashro said, have ridiculous fun together, just laugh and have a good time. “

Creating Family Game Nights doesn’t have to be limited to relatives and family members.

“That is definitely cross-generational. It’s supposed to keep our young children entertained. We have teenagers and tweens and we love fun game nights with friends. When I’m with more people, I love the idea of ​​eating with my friends, cooking and playing really fun games, ”she says.

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Despite the old standards, Mushro says, the game industry has evolved over time.

There’s Showtime Chess, According to Mushro, “Even a 3 year old can learn to play chess, so this is the piece, and instead of saying that’s the rule, every piece has a very fun story.” Children will play and learn about all characters. “

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Outcome of the game It’s like going into an escape room without leaving your house.

“Everything you need is in this box, there’s a cool story behind it, it’s very creative to set everything up and work together as a team to get out of these different scenarios. Older kids, great for teenagers, tweens, and adults, ”she explains.

Then there is pop under pressure. It inflates a balloon and uses it as a timer to take categories and letters and try to come up with an answer.

“It just takes a while to come up with a lot of ideas and words that fit into this category. Because timers are balloons, they inflate, inflate, deflate and then pop out and turn off the time, ”she says. ..

There’s also a new adult game when kids are asleep.

“This is for those who like Dad Joke,” she laughed.

Only in this case do you need to tell the joke the way the game chooses, e.g. B. Imitate or emphasize a celebrity.

“So the real fun is in how you offer, and if you can make others laugh, you’re a big winner.

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Musulo said it wasn’t just fun, it was also an opportunity to teach kids how to gain or lose athleticism. I’m going.

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