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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (AP) —Governor Tom Wolff’s internal investigation into apparent bureaucratic negligence that has terminated the state-wide voter vote sought by victims of child sexual abuse intends to derail it. No evidence of a successful attempt was found.

According to an Inspector General’s report released Wednesday, agents interviewed 22 incumbent and former state officials and examined the email accounts of nine state officials for external influences or intentional conduct. I searched for evidence.

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Rather, he said the Wolf State Department, which oversees the elections, had no administrative agency, bureau, or executive branch responsible for overseeing the internal process of constitutional amendment.

The exposure of mistakes has caused anger in the community of survivors of childhood sexual abuse. They asked a new question on Wednesday if the State Department could have successfully promoted all other proposed constitutional amendments.

The State Department’s contact with the state legislature resigned on Friday, but government officials did not say whether it was relevant.

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The referendum was about whether to give victims of child sexual abuse new opportunities to sue abusers and conspiracy agencies, a proposal promoted by a survey of the Roman Catholic Parish of Pennsylvania.

The referendum is on track for last week’s primaries until the Wolf administration revealed four months ago that it hadn’t advertised the proposal in Pennsylvania-wide newspapers, as required by the Constitution. It was going on.

The referendum may have to wait until 2023.

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