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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – While traffic in the city center is normalizing again, a major construction project could bring this to a standstill again.

The Roberto Clemente Bridge is a way for many to get to the North Shore, PNC Park, or even a “love lock” spot.

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However, Allegheny County’s leaders expect it to remain closed for renovations for 19 months.

Unfortunately the “love locks” have to be removed.

Construction work is scheduled to begin early next year and last until autumn 2023.

According to the spokesman for public works in the district, the three sister bridges must be renovated every 40 to 50 years to ensure safe travel.

Work on the bridges has been going on for more than five years.

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Construction of the Andy Warhol Bridge began in 2016 and then the Rachel Carson Bridge in 2019.

Now the focus is on the Roberto Clemente Bridge.

The crews will fix the steel, replace the concrete, work on the lighting and much more.

You also plan to clean and paint the panels and railing, so the locks need to be released.

However, before the work begins, the Public Works Office would like to hear from the residents. The public commentary is open until July 23 for people to post questions and concerns.

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These questions and concerns can be submitted at this link.

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