Rangers do with out controversial defender Tony DeAngelo

Tony DeAngelo is likely made in New York. (Photo by Jeanine Leech / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It turned out that Tony DeAngelo wasn’t worth the effort.

The New York Rangers finally made that decision on Sunday morning, using the defense attorney and magnet of the fifth year to controversy over waivers.

According to The Athletic’s Rick Carpiniello, the decision was made after DeAngelo and Rangers netminder Alexandar Georgiev were embroiled in an argument in the tunnel after losing New York overtime to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday. The argument was quickly broken off, according to Carpiniello, but Georgiev was taken out of practice on Sunday for “maintenance”.

DeAngelo was on the ice in four of Pittsburgh’s five goals in the defeat prior to the Georgiev incident, but most of the issues the defender was involved in had nothing to do with performance on the ice.

Among them, he threw a tantrum on Twitter when former US President Donald Trump was banned from the platform and stated that he would reserve his social media presence exclusively for Parler – the social network through which right-wing extremists and conspirators launched the attack coordinated earlier this month on the US Capitol.

Ultimately, DeAngelo’s social media boycott didn’t last long.

It seems a lot that just weeks later he returned to Twitter using the pseudonym @ NYRFan92360244 to defend himself and his beliefs and to continue spitting out propaganda and general nonsense.

Its cover soon puffed up, and observers on Twitter unearthed a mountain of evidence to suggest that @ NYRFan92360244 was indeed DeAngelo. This included funny attempts to deny that it was actually a burner account, but also obvious evidence that DeAngelo was using the social media platform in the press box while he was scratched when the Rangers were on the ice – which is natural against the NHL rules.

While extracurricular activity has certainly been weighed, DeAngelo’s behavior and fighting on the ice must have given more consideration to the Rangers’ decision.

While the sample was small, DeAngelo fell quite spectacularly behind the expectations of a contract that paid him $ 4.8 million annually. Prior to the Georgiev incident, Rangers manager David Quinn scratched DeAngelo for two games (and probably should have taken his cell phone away) after the team exhibited “bad behavior on the ice” in their opening night loss to the New York Islanders.

The story goes on

DeAngelo has appeared in a total of six games and has a point.

As mentioned earlier, DeAngelo indiscretions are well documented. He has been suspended on multiple levels in his hockey career for verbally abusing players and officials.

While what’s next is unclear, it seems certain that DeAngelo will not be called upon on waivers. That means the only thing the Rangers have to do is break up with the relationship to buy up the remaining term of a contract where the ink is barely dry.

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