Repairs, workers shortages put summer time in jeopardy at Washington Park Pool – CBS Pittsburgh

WASHINGTON, PA (KDKA) – As the weather continues to warm and Memorial Day approaches, many of us want to head to the pool to cool off – if your local pool is planning to open up for the summer season, that is.

This has become a problem for Washington County’s Washington Park Pool. The pool is in urgent need of repair. Despite these challenges, the city is hoping to open the pool later this summer when the city is able to make repairs.

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Washington City’s interim director of parks and public buildings Joe Manning said the pool lights need to be replaced and the pool entry and exit ladders need to be fixed.

There is also a possibility that chlorine and the chemicals needed to use the pool may not be available in a timely manner. The city remains hopeful, however.

“With the cases of COVID decreasing so quickly and the fact that the pool has so much support, there are so many people wanting to get back to normal life and this pool is part of that. So now we’re making an effort to finish the job, make the pool safe and have the right chemicals to clean the water and make sure everyone is safe and hopefully open it, “said Manning.

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The city allocated $ 20,000 for repairs, but Manning said it could cost more.

While staff shortages have been a problem in the past, Manning said the city is confident of filling vacancies.

There are other pools in the area that open on Memorial Day. Canonsburg Pool is open from 12pm to 6pm on Memorial Day weekend. It will close on Saturday June 5th and officially open for the summer.

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The city of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Counties have not yet announced when their pools will open for the summer.

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