Republican Congressman Doug LaMalfa’s New Invoice Would Ban COVID Vaccination Passes – CBS Pittsburgh

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The idea of ​​providing evidence of your COVID-19 vaccine for travel or entry into certain businesses is gaining traction across the county. It is viewed as a “COVID vaccination pass” and creates mixed opinions.

“If you think this will definitely help us finish faster,” said Michael Hamming, a Sacramento resident.

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“It should be the people’s choice. You should be the decision maker, not the government, ”said Aaron Thomson of Sacramento.

Republican Congressman Doug LaMalfa hopes things like travel, shopping, and even going to work never depend on you getting a COVID vaccine.

“It really comes down to privacy and individual freedom,” he said.

LaMalfa introduced one of two bills on Thursday that would ban a required passport option.

“Don’t have a heavy hand from the government telling you what to have or forcing you to get the injection. It’s not the American way and I really think it’s taking away people’s choices, ”he said. “It brings certain people onto the street who may not consider it a religious problem or an allergy problem.”

Under the law, those traveling by plane or train could not be refused due to their vaccination status. It would also prohibit funding a database that requires proof of the shot.

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“Getting an injection is a very personal and invasive thing, so people shouldn’t be forced to say yes or no when you’re not traveling,” said LaMalfa.

In a briefing earlier this week, the White House COVID Response Team said they would leave the decision on vaccination records to the private sector.

“But unlike in other parts of the world, the government does not see its role here as a place for issuing a passport or as a place for storing citizens’ data. We see this as something the private sector is doing and will be doing, ”said Andy Slavitt, Senior Advisor to While House’s COVID-19 Response Team.

The USC Professor of Preventive Medicine, Dr. Jeffery Klausner said while people may be against it, vaccine mandates are nothing new.

“The idea of ​​vaccination cards is not new. They need vaccinations to go to school, college, and travel to certain places, ”he said.

Klausner believes a temporary need for vaccines could help the nation restore a sense of normalcy.

“When vaccinated people get together, there is very little risk,” he said. “When everyone is vaccinated, they can feel protected, and that can be a great incentive for people to return to events, return to cruises, travel,” said Klausner.

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LaMalfa’s second bill, which is still in the works, would target potential business restrictions. It would prohibit companies from refusing to provide services based on the vaccine or requiring their employees to receive a COVID-19 shot. The law would also prohibit state and local governments from banning access based on receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

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