Restaurant Woes & Different High 2020 Pittsburgh Enterprise Tales

PITTSBURGH, PA – When it comes to the Pittsburgh area’s top business stories in 2020, the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the restaurant and tavern industry is at the top.

Businesses everywhere have been hit by the pandemic, apparently during the nationwide surreal spring standstill that saw virtually all non-essential businesses shut down in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus. Since reopening, bars and restaurants have had their opening hours and seating capacity restrictions that have made it difficult to enjoy a traditional restaurant meal.

In Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf placed one final call to state bars and restaurants at 5 p.m. last month on Thanksgiving Eve – traditionally one of the busiest nights of the year. In response to a surge in coronavirus cases and deaths across the state, Wolf recently announced a three-week ban on indoor eating during the holiday season.

This policy has increasingly pushed back. Several restaurants in the Pittsburgh area are ignoring the recent indoor dining ban and are joining hundreds of restaurants across the state who have objected to the restrictions.

The coronavirus outbreak has led or contributed to the demise of many Pittsburgh restaurants this year, some of which have been around for decades. Many restaurant employees had to live with stressful work insecurity and reduced wages due to a lack of working hours and customer tips.

It’s been a terrible year for bars and restaurants; With the coronavirus vaccinations currently running, 2021 looks more promising for the industry.

The Pittsburgh Area’s Other Top Business Stories from 2020:

Last year, 17 major retailers filed for bankruptcy. In 2020, 30 retailers and restaurant chains filed for bankruptcy, largely due to the pandemic. Pittsburgh, home to one of those companies – GNC – was not immune to the disastrous retail environment.

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