Robert Murray Joins The Present, Talks About Pittsburgh Pirates, And Extra!

PITTSBURGH, PA – MAY 16: Adam Frazier # 26 of the Pittsburgh Pirates on duty during the game against the San Francisco Giants at PNC Park on May 16, 2021 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Justin Berl / Getty Images)

Pittsburgh Pirates: Previous Top Places in 2021 by Noah Wright

Breaking: MLB Insider Robert Murray Joins Rum Bunter Radio To Talk About The Pittsburgh Pirates And More!

In this episode, the crew is supported by FanSided MLB expert Robert Murray. Throughout the show, the conversation alternates from conversations about what it’s like to cover baseball at its best and what Robert thinks of the evolution of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

At the beginning of the episode, Robert talks about what it’s like to get the news out and how to do it appropriately. He talks about his favorite tweets throughout his career and the adrenaline rush that comes with breaking news, like Robert did with Fernando Tati’s contract renewal.

Murray makes it very clear on the show why it is important to make sure the information is 100% correct before it is posted.

The conversation then shifts to the 2021 season, rule changes, and what to look forward to as the season progresses.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are in full rebuild mode and have been for over a year and a half. Robert shares his thoughts on Ben Cherrington, the rebuilding and evolution of the pirates trying to charge for a dynasty in the late 2020s.

Robert is constantly monitoring the trading market and is ready to close deals as soon as they happen. He predicted deals for guys like Adam Frazier, the Pirate’s second baseman who was scorching hot in 2021, and Richard Rodriguez, one of the season’s most elite closers.

At the end of the show, Robert joins the ongoing discussion about the player draft for the first year of 2021. As the draft gets closer, more names pop up and Robert predicts which one will be taken by the pirates first. After making his choice, Robert explains why it makes more sense now than it did before.

Close the hatches, tidy the decks and enjoy episode 54 of Rum Bunter Radio.

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