Rockwood Space College District raises funds for college students in want

Eight members of the Rockwood Area School District will host a 250-mile relay race in the Great Allegheny Passage October 15-16 to raise funds for the Kids Come First program.

The race goes from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, Maryland.

Seven employees and one member of the school board will each run around 32 km, day and night, in rain or shine. This includes five teachers, a school principal, a school principal and a school board member. The team name is “Rockets Run For Kids”.

This is the third year of the school that a team is participating in the event.

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“The event was great for the school,” said Carter Bower, second grade teacher at Rockwood Elementary School, in an email. “The camaraderie it has built among attending staff who support attendees, as well as the excitement created by some of the fundraisers we’ve run in the past like t-shirt sales or coin wars where the Teacher has the most coins in her bucket and has to walk through school in a gorilla suit.

“In the past, participants ran laps through the school the day before the event on the day before the race. Such things inspire students of all ages not only for the Rockets Run for Kids team, but also for other events in the school. “

Children come first

The race gives participants the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to two programs that help children: “Kids Come First” and the “Rockwood Rocket Fuel Backpack Program”. Both of these programs are funded solely through donations and grants.

Kids Come First is a teacher and staff-organized fund that helps meet the basic and school needs of students. From jackets, boots and trainers to heating oil and Thanksgiving meals. And support with means of transport in times of crisis.

The Rocket Fuel Backpack program sends healthy food home to children whose family may have some resources. This helps ensure that students are well fed and do not come to school hungry or spend the weekend without food.

Every year they found that there was an increased need for these programs. Last school year, Rockwood School spent nearly $ 12,000 on groceries for the backpacking program and nearly $ 4,000 to help children and families in need through Kids Come First.

In 2019, the team finished the race in just over 21 hours and raised more than $ 12,000. The team has set a goal of raising $ 10,000 for 2021. Sponsors are welcome.

“We chose to take part in this fundraiser. It’s a win for the students, parents, the school and the programs we support,” said Misty Demchack. “Our group of dedicated runners are passionate about the Great Allegheny Passage Trail in our yard and, of course, running, and we carry that passion into our school and community. Knowing we are running for our students makes this even more special. When you run long distances, you think of many things on the way, in this race our thoughts are always with our students and know that we can help them in times of need. ”

Ben Baker said, “I’m excited about the season because it’s a fun event that challenges the mind and body. It creates camaraderie among the participating staff and really raises awareness of Kids Come First, the organization that has done so much “to help our students.”

“I like challenges and this is great!” said Vince Corrado. “I haven’t been a Rockwood teacher long compared to others, but I’ve seen Kids Come First benefit the students and our community in a great way. Rockwood students work very hard and it’s great to know we’re part of a group that is willing and able to help children get what they need to keep working hard. “

Follow the team’s progress by following the Facebook page: Rockets Run for Kids. They will post updates during the race and in the days before it.

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