Ryan Switzer’s son is alleged to have recovered absolutely after the operation

After several surgeries and hospital stays, Ryan Switzer’s 9-month-old son will recover completely.

The Cleveland Browns recipient shared the update on social media Monday afternoon after his son Christian was discharged from surgery at a Boston hospital. He had been in hospitals all month and had significant bleeding problems after testing positive for COVID-19.

Our sweet baby is stable and has not had an operation. That nightmare is over. These wonderful people in Boston fixed our son. He will fully recover. Praise God. pic.twitter.com/2utFW578QD

– Ryan Switzer (@Switz) March 29, 2021

Christian was hospitalized for the first time on March 6th after Ryan and his wife Gabie found him. His diaper and crib were soaked in blood just a day after he tested positive for the coronavirus.

He had an operation and received multiple blood transfusions during that first stay, but had to return to the hospital 10 days after his discharge with further bleeding problems. Christian was then taken to a hospital in Boston.

Although it is not clear what operation Christian performed or where the bleeding came from, he tweeted Monday morning that the “surgeon in our case assured us that he found what he was looking for to be operated on” and “found got what was a mystery ”- the good news is that Ryan says he is ready to make a full recovery and that the“ nightmare is over ”.

Ryan, 26, will begin his fourth season in the league this fall, initially with the Browns. The Dallas Cowboys selected him in the fourth round of the 2017 draft from North Carolina, despite having spent the past two seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He signed on to the Brown’s training team after the Steelers abandoned him last season.

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