Sabika Jewellery unveils kaleidoscope of colours, designs

PITTSBURGH — Robinson-based Sabika Jewelry has a kaleidoscope of colors and designs planned for its fall/winter collection.

In particular, CEO and designer Alexandra Mayr-Gracik pulled inspiration from the kaleidoscope’s prism, which she channeled as a representation of diverse beauty.

“Joy and diversity were two running themes for me when I designed this new fall/winter collection,” Mayr-Gracik told the Post-Gazette. “It’s always the goal — but never more than this season — for me to design for every style and every type of woman.”

There are fresh takes on Sabika’s signature Swarovski crystal pieces in rich colors, along with chain necklaces, beaded bracelets and charming pendants in shapes such as bees, crosses and ribbons. In keeping with the brand’s tradition, all jewelry was designed to complement khaki, white, black and denim clothing.

Shapes and colors for the collection were informed by trend reports by Sabika founder Karin Mayr. She reviewed runway fashion trends and developed mood boards that reflected the latest clothing styles and colors.

“We have been told that this collection has very broad appeal across our customer base,” Mayr-Gracik said.

Some pieces in the fall/winter lineup have a more personal connection. For instance, the pattern in the time-worn tile necklace was inspired by Mayr-Gracik’s grandmother’s arabesque style tile floor.

“My hope is that this collection is providing little moments of joy for women as they go about their regular routines, and that they feel a spark of confidence when they wear their Sabika pieces,” she said.

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Executive Director of Sales & Marketing Miriam Mayr models the Timeworn Story, including the Timeworn Tile Necklace from Sabika’s Fall and Winter Collection.

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