Sandra Oh delivered a robust message throughout an Asian hate rally in Pittsburgh

Sandra Oh calls for an end to anti-Asian racism. On Saturday, the Killing Eve actress participated in a Stop Asian Hate Rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, days after the horrific murder of eight people in Atlanta spas.

Grey’s Anatomy alum took to the streets with a megaphone in Oakland, Pittsburgh to deliver a strong message during the rally, saying she was “proud to be Asian”.

“Pittsburgh, I am so happy and proud to be here with you and thank all the organizers who organized this for giving us the opportunity to be together and stand together and feel one another,” Sandra said during one Videos captured at the rally and shared by CBS Pittsburgh. “For many of us in our community, this is the first time we have been able to express our fear and anger, and I really am very grateful to everyone who is willing to listen.”

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She continued, “I know a lot of us in our church are very scared and I understand that. And one way to overcome our fear is to reach out to our churches. I’ll challenge everyone here when you see something will you help me? “

The masked crowd responded with cheers, clapping and sounding “yes” when Oh asked to help the Asian community when they are in need.

Oh concluded the powerful message by chanting, “I’m proud to be Asian. I belong here!”

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