Sidney Crosby of the Penguins pulls a penalty with an incredible dive

“NHL superstar brought to his knees with vicious, clueless high stick.”

If I wanted to write sensational and misleading headlines, I would use this for that particular penalty that Sidney Crosby pulled against the Boston Bruins on Saturday.

From the aggressive neck snap to the animated facial expressions, Sidney Crosby fully implemented this enormous embellishment. (Getty)

After Crosby got a shorthanded marker a little more than a minute ahead to get his Pittsburgh Penguins in, he was brushed off the end of Patrice Bergeron’s bat (and I mean GRAZED), and what followed was one of the best spectacles Performances of our generation when the penguin captain snapped his head back and hit the deck on one of the more animated and perfectly executed dives I’ve ever seen.

Crosby collapsed on impact. His whole body folded like a cheap garden chair from the devastating impact as he hit the ice like a bag of bricks. Bergeron received a four-minute double minor for his barbarism, which cost Crosby exactly zero (0) shifts.

It was a valiant effort on the part of Sid to power play his team in the waning minutes of play, but it was all in vain when Pittsburgh allowed Brad Marchand to score a clean sheet soon after and the Bruins won 7-. 5.

Crosby was injured by the edge of Bergeron’s button in the game, resulting in a double minor even after review, but there is no way a referee’s hand could snap up for a penalty without Crosby doing that thing sold for all it’s worth.

I’m sure Crosby and Bergeron will have a good laugh at the incident when they meet again. The two have been playing side by side in international ice hockey competitions for a long time and can be traced back to the gold medal at the World Juniors 2005. Since then, the couple have won two Olympic gold medals and a world ice hockey championship while representing Canada.

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