Silver Lining, Half I – Pittsburgh Quarterly

We asked a wide range of Pittsburghers – the pandemic has certainly brought difficulties, but what “silver linings” have accompanied them that have positively affected your life?

Years ago I received wise advice to always “listen to learn.” This pandemic provided a wealth of knowledge. Celebrate the good in our lives – family, friends, furry companions, nature, freshly brewed coffee, homemade food, good work. – Kim Ravenda, Huntington Bank

As the new college president, who was constantly on the move before March, a silver lining was “grounded” that enables me to be fully involved on campus, to be more active locally and to be present for my family. – Hilary L. Link, Allegheny College

I was impressed by the creativity and commitment of our employees. On a personal level, it was a pleasure to experience the resilience and confidence of my 95 year old mother who lives with us. – Christopher Donahue, Federated Hermes

Life has become more focused, productive, and enjoyable for everyone in my family. We’ve had more time together and have a better appreciation for what each of us does. My companies and foundations have become more agile and innovative, and the employees are happier working from home. In India, where I grew up, the cities are cleaner and you can see the skylines. And best of all, business travel stopped! – Sunil Wadhwani, Mastech Corporation

A silver lining could spend time in the kitchen with my youngest daughter, who moved home for some time during the height of the pandemic. My perspective was refreshed with new recipes, ideas and their unique and youthful touch. – Lee Deiseroth, the fluted mushroom

I’ve found that our customers have developed a closer relationship with their spaces and realize the importance of being surrounded by things that make them happy. Interior design can be a refuge in these challenging times, and at Weisshouse this service is not just something that sets us apart, but what we love to do. – Stacy Weiss, Weisshouse

Kayak between herons and shimmering minnows. Family Photo Scanning – Perseverance and Smiles During the Great Depression. Keep in touch with friends. Read “Shadows on the Koyukuk.” Hear the laughter and play from neighborhood children. – Jody Dimeling, Bill Few Associates

When the hospitals reported a dangerous shortage of PPE, we organized a collection of PPE to donate to UPMC and we were overwhelmed by the response. We eventually needed the Pitt Movers to deliver the donations in a moving truck. Researchers at the Swanson School of Engineering have stepped up in other ways. It really was humanity at its finest. David Vorp, Swanson School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh

My children are on the verge of early adolescence and independence. During the pandemic, I enjoyed slowing things down and focusing on my kids while they are still fully in childhood. – Bart Griffith Jr., Shady Side Academy

It was great to see how PPG people made a positive difference during the pandemic – they donated more than 80,000 protective masks to U.S. hospitals, made hand sanitizer, made our paints and coatings for many major industries, supported charities, and more. The agility of our dedicated workforce makes me proud and will be a legacy. – Michael McGarry, PPG

Since we couldn’t look forward to so little day after day without hesitation, family dinners were the best result of our COVID time. For the past nine years as our children grew, after-school activities and our own work trip turned the ghost of weekday family dinners into a three-hour marathon at best. Comfortable for almost no one, the food was shoveled in at all stages of the heating up – the COVID quarantine stopped all of this. With a boy home from Kenyon College, a junior high school daughter, and an 8th grade son on recess, Gus and I loved our trips and meetings on recess. With the zoom class and the onset of tiredness – the dining table was live – a point on the day of true fellowship with (mostly) good food – moments came to life that we had only caught in recent years. – Anne Hanna Engel, Howard Hanna Insurance Services

The pandemic has allowed Dara and me to spend a lot more time with the boys in the family. We could go slower and enjoy the time together in Pittsburgh. – John Henne, Henne Jewelers

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