Silver Lining, Half II – Pittsburgh Quarterly

We asked a wide range of Pittsburghers – the pandemic has certainly brought difficulties, but what “silver linings” have accompanied them that have positively affected your life?

I feel richer for the depth of humanity I see every day in senior life. Families and employees have worked so hard to keep our residents safe. The people are kind, patient, and loving. Cycling with friends on the city’s bridges and bike paths and then relaxing to share laughter and pain made this time very special. – Marilyn Walsh, Providence Point

The pandemic has absolutely reaffirmed the importance of personal relationships with both family and friends and with our customers – all individuals who recognize the need for real relationships and meaningful connectivity. – Michael R. Foster, JP Morgan Private Bank

As difficult as COVID-19 has been for everyone, camaraderie and togetherness seem to permeate our business and community as we create new plans to meet customer needs and give Pittsburgh back in the most effective way possible. – Tim Hillebrand, Don’s devices

I practice yoga through Zoom with my teacher in NYC, Chrissy Carter, now five times a week instead of three or four times a year. Entire cloth woven from the threads exposed by the pandemic. – Jerry Morosco, Gerald Lee Morosco Architects

The unexpected pleasure of having our three daughters at home for six months in 2020 has been a blessing. We laughed, cooked together, built raised beds, ran, planted vegetables and took long walks! What would be better? – Beth Genter, Schenley Capital

Twenty years of massive tech spending have barely changed corporate productivity – UNTIL NOW! If COVID had happened three years ago, we would not have been able to respond remotely as we did. ENORMOUSLY. SEAT BELTS PLEASE! – Thomas Wentling, Wentling, Tarquinio, Loughney
Asset Advisory Group

I am inspired by strengthened relationships. I am humble about the selflessness of the teachers and the resilience of the children. I hope we can capture this crucial moment and prioritize unity and decency. – Alex Dick, Dick Building Co.

While the pandemic has certainly taken its toll, it gave me family dinners that I would never have thought of and taught me not to take personal interaction with my colleagues for granted. – Chris McCrady, Simpson McCrady

When I think about school life, some silver linings have been a deeper appreciation for our relationships and the opportunity for us to model great flexibility, creativity, and resilience for our students. – Macon Finley, The Ellis School

In 2020 we turned challenges into opportunities. New knowledge was gained about the deficits in our society and we needed to address those deficits directly. I believe we will continue to work together to make our world a better place. – Nick Vizzoca, Vincentian Collaborative System

Like many parents, I have gotten up close and personal with the extraordinary efforts of educators – and a deeper appreciation for them. What could be possible when families and teachers work together as allies in children’s learning? – Greg Behr, The Grable Foundation

Children of all ages are particularly hard hit by the pandemic. With great need comes great responsibility – and wonderful ways to serve families in need through education, physical and behavioral health, and early intervention services. – Karen Markle, the Children’s Institute

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