Simcoach Video games pronounces the primary apprenticeship for recreation design and manufacturing

PITTSBURGH – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Expanding its commitment to using games and playful learning to support young adults with career guidance and preparation, Simcoach Games today announced the launch of its first game design and production training program. For six (6) consecutive weeks in the summer of 2021, this educational program will provide forty (40) young adults the opportunity to learn, practice and apply their game design and production skills in a practical, engaging and fun way.

Participants will use video games and virtual reality to solve real-world problems in a real game design and production studio. In addition to improving their game design and production skills, participants will learn soft skills related to working in office and studio environments. At the end of the training, participants have the opportunity to evaluate and discuss how the experience has influenced their interests, their educational and career path, and their possible pathways towards achieving their goals.

“We see this training program outperform summer camps and passive learning internships by allowing participants to make real contributions and be rewarded for their efforts,” said Brian Kaleida, CEO of Simcoach. “All Simcoach apprentice programs will focus on developing and teaching real things that participants can proudly refer to.” Mr. Kaleida continues, “This opening program also allows participants to share their own ideas about how to use games and Bringing gamified experiences to tackle challenges that are familiar and important to them. We are excited to see what they produce. ”

This game design and production training program includes:

  • Educational activities where participants have to build and deliver real things – individually and in groups

  • Scenarios that require the combination of problem solving, leadership, technical and communication skills to develop playful solutions to real challenges

  • Learning opportunities that are required in today’s fast-paced world of work: Entrepreneurial skills: initiative, goal setting, planning, willingness to take risks, creativity, iterative development, communication, delegation, scheduling – with many possibilities, positive attitude, courage, resilience and perseverance

  • Insights to develop personal strategies and habits to best combine work, education and fun

  • Access to mentors or professionals from various industries and networks

  • Proof of achievement with diploma as a reference for study and employment opportunities

“Because Simcoach’s production of games and gamified learning experiences will be deployed in a studio environment, it will require a energetic and experienced workforce,” said John Lucke, Simcoach’s chief growth officer. “We are seeing significant multisectoral demand for innovations that are highly engaging and behavioral, and our studio operations are geared to meet that demand.” Mr. Lucke concludes, “Our inaugural training program could be the first step towards Prepare young adults for careers in game production in a variety of companies, including Simcoach, as our studio operations expand and accelerate growth. ”

Simcoach regards serious gaming and gamified learning as the basis for technology-based education, training and personal development. Simcoach also sees training programs that go beyond game design and production to include training for other digital backbone applications. “Simcoach is a pioneer in gaming and gamified learning, sponsoring and running digital backbone training programs,” says Mr. Kaleida. “This first training program enables Simcoach to combine these interests in an exciting project – starting with game design and production, but that’s just the beginning.”

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