Six of Our Favourite Go-To Native Present Retailers


Kards Unlimited
Packed wall-to-wall with specialty items, books and handmade cards, the variety shop on Walnut Street has a little something for everyone. 

This includes a small Pittsburgh section with an array of items that capture the city’s unique character, including charming stickers and products that play on the ‘Burgh’s infamous Pittsburghese.

There’s also a wide selection of teas and cookbooks as well as items dedicated to multiple fandoms, including Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Firefly and Star Wars. Plant lovers will appreciate the “Garden Bags” as well as books on how to properly cultivate their growing plants.

As the name suggests, the store also offers hand-made cards for any occasion, as well as accessories such as jewelry, pins and shirts dedicated to classic books. 

Kards Unlimited, 5522 Walnut St., Shadyside, 


This two-story home goods store in the heart of Sewickley strives gives customers a wide selection of fun and unique treasures that includes everything from kitchen ware to living room accessories. Many items focus on House15143’s “House Rules,” which encourage homeowners to bring vintage pieces, bright colors and patterns into their decor.

Luxury candles and fragrance brands, including Nest diffuser scents and candles with decorative labels, are featured throughout the store, encouraging customers to find the scent that best fits their home’s aesthetic. House15143 also specializes in framed artwork that can be customized by patrons or ordered from featured collections.

In addition, store owners Danielle Franks and Kristin Bordeau offer home decorating services, including paint color consultation, room redesigns, special furniture orders and coordination of remodeling projects. 

House 15143, 436 Beaver St., Sewickley, 


Just down the street from House15143 is Gather, which offers chic gifts, decor and seasonal goods, including a charming Pittsburgh-themed section. As the months change, Gather, founded in 2016 by Denise Shirley, updates its floor plans and products offered to fit the season.

Luxury candles and kitchen products, as well as hand-painted and specially crafted decor, also can be found throughout the store. 

Gather, 424 Beaver St., Sewickley, 


Songbird Artistry
The cozy, three-room shop on Penn Avenue is dedicated to supporting the local maker community and carries work from more than 20 Pittsburgh artisans — and at affordable prices. 

Customers receive a warm welcome from owner Debbie Jacknin as soon as they enter the shop, which reveals a new discovery at every turn.

The first room features work by local artisans, including handmade jewelry, printed shirts, homemade stickers, woodwork and art work. Jacknin’s daughter Jennifer Orefice, also creates customizable resin-work jewelry sold in the shop.

The second room is where Songbird Artistry holds stained glass mosaic classes. Prices start at $59 and are capped at $179. Jacknin hosts the classes, which are offered as group lessons or one-on-one sessions. 

The final room is filled with vintage clothing, accessories and records. Jacknins’s other daughter, Jacklyn Orefice, is in charge of finding vintage clothing for the shop. 

Songbird Artistry, 4316 Penn Ave., Lawrenceville,


Von Walter + funk|BALLOON
Located on Butler Street in the trendy Lawrenceville neighborhood, Von Walter + funk|BALLOON features a burst of light and color as soon as you walk through the door.

Known for its event-friendly balloon arrangements, the lifestyle shop has a balloon-building room where customers may select colors for personalized arrangements. There also is an array of balloon types to choose from, including ones with swear words, themed balloons, customizable balloons and balloons with “bougie tails.”

The shop offers more than just helium creations, though. There’s also a plethora of home goods as well as unique lighting options such as handmade, custom globe lights, vintage bulb types and LED signs. The boutique also recently stocked up on a new collection of rainbow-themed throw pillows.

From tapered clay to beeswax, a variety of candles are sold at the shop, including the upcoming “Boy Smells,” a luxury candle collection dedicated to making customers feel confident in their identity.

Von Walter + funk|BALLOON, 5210 Butler St., Lawrenceville, 



Located in Fox Chapel, Splurge is the quintessential gift shop, carrying everything from home décor, dining ware, barware, candles and home fragrances to jewelry, fashion accessories, loungewear, bath and body products, baby gifts, bridal gifts, adult candy lines, books and holiday-themed items

Owner Kym Pelcher says she strives to combine her love of design, décor and merchandising into providing the best possible shopping experience for customers.

“We usually have a lot of sales when it comes to home décor. People will bring in pictures of their mantles, or what they want to decorate, and we help them make selections,” she says. “Since everything is opening up again, we’ve noticed more sales in jewelry, purses and party pieces.”

The shop carries a line of authentic, upcycled Chanel jewelry as well as upcycled Louis Vuitton purses, keychains and wallets. Adult candies by Sugarfina are sold individually and in “Happy Birthday” and “Thank You” themed gift boxes. There’s also a variety of Toffee Taboo boxed toffee.

Customers may also want to “splurge” on the shop’s sleep and loungewear lines, which include matching pajama sets and accessories such as sleep masks and slippers. There also are LAFCO Luxury Candles and Fragrances, as well as the brand’s essential oil layered products.

Splurge, 1109 Freeport Road, Fox Chapel;

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