South Facet man wounded hours after new safety initiative begins – WPXI

PITTSBURGH – There was quite a lot going on here in South Side. But as we see more people coming to East Carson Street in the summer – especially on the weekends – this has led to an increase in crime.

Because of this, as of last night, the Pittsburgh police and public safety authorities introduced new traffic patterns to stop the violence.

However, just hours after these measures went into effect, there was another incident here last night.

This morning – around 2:40 a.m. – officers were called to Wharton Street, South Side, where a man with multiple gunshot wounds was found in a parking lot.

We were told that he was hospitalized and that he was in critical condition at the last check-up.

“There was a fight in the vehicle and someone tried to intervene and unfortunately they were shot. You know, this is just another example of senseless violence that is going on, ”said Scott Schubert, Pittsburgh police chief.

After the violence week after week, city guides say they need to evacuate the area and, if necessary, make room for officers and rescue workers to get through.

On Fridays and Saturdays after 7:00 p.m., incoming East Carson Street will be closed from South 10th to South 18th Street. Uber and Lyft drivers are not allowed to be picked up or dropped off on this route.

“We can’t be everywhere. But in order to be as visible as possible, we have installed additional lighting in places and will do everything we can to ensure people’s safety, ”explains boss Schubert.

Last night it wasn’t long before cars were towed and tickets issued to violators. Neighbors say they hope these initiatives will help.

“I think closing the road will be a lot safer for people who come here at night,” said Sylvia Beach from the South Side.

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However, some business owners are nervous that they will lose customers due to this closure.

“I think it will hurt because people come over here – they see it. If they have to go one way they have to go to the other end to turn around and park and say, ‘Hey, it’s not worth it,’ ”said Dave Root, a local business owner.

Public safety leaders ask for patience and say the South Side cannot be marred by violence without trying.

The Pittsburgh police chief also said college student returns this fall will be a factor, and they are already making plans for it.

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