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Harrisburg (KDKA) – The Pennsylvania Department of Health reports 744 new reports of coronavirus cases in the past 4 days and 24 additional deaths.

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This has resulted in 1,210,469 cases and 27,570 COVID-19-related deaths across the state since the pandemic broke out.

The COVID-19 hospital has 441 people across the state and 99 patients in intensive care.

According to the state, the total dose of the vaccine is 11,436,528 times and 5,248,430 people are fully vaccinated. To date, 58.9% of Pennsylvania residents over the age of 18 have been fully vaccinated, and 74.5% of the total Pennsylvania population have been vaccinated for the first time.

Pennsylvania has adopted the CDC’s new relaxed guidelines for wearing masks, which means a fully vaccinated person will not need to wear a mask in most locations.

The Ministry of Health says the mask mandate will be lifted on June 28, or earlier if 70% of adults have previously been fully vaccinated.

All Pennsylvanians 16 and over are eligible for a vaccination and are eligible for a Pfizer vaccine. Expanded to children ages 12-15 on May 10th.

If you have any concerns about the virus, the COVID-19 early warning system dashboard

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To date, more than 4,719,185 people have tested negative for COVID-19.

There are 71,957 residents and 15,523 employees in licensed long-term care facilities and nursing homes across the state. Of all deaths, 13,341 were residents of long-term care or personal care facilities.

The state also reports that 28,963 health care workers were diagnosed with COVID-19 during the pandemic.

# COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) update (status: 22.6.21, 00:00 a.m.):
• 744 further positive COVID-19 cases (6 / 18-6 / 21)
• A total of 1,210,469 cases across the state
• 27,570 deaths across the state
• 11,436,528 vaccine doses were administered (as of 06/21/21)

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– Department of Health (@PAHealthDept) June 21, 2021

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