Steelers separates from OC Randy Fichtner, two different coaches

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin makes extremely unsatisfactory changes to his staff four days after the end of the season.

Steelers let go of several trainers

The Steelers announced on Thursday that they are parting with offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner, who has been in the position for three years but has been with Tomlin since 2007. During his 13 years on the team, he wore several hats, including wide-angle trainers and quarterbacks trainers.

The Steelers also announced they are splitting offensive coach Shaun Sarrett, who has been with the team since 2012, and defensive coach Tom Bradley, who has been with the Steelers since 2018.

“I would like to thank all three coaches for their dedication and dedication to the Pittsburgh Steelers,” said Tomlin in a statement. “You have all played an important role in our success and I am grateful for your efforts. Personally, Randy and I have been in Pittsburgh since I hired in 2007, but our relationship began long before that. He was a friend of mine for years and wish his family all the best, and I am immensely grateful for our relationship on and off the field. “

Big questions remain unanswered about Roethlisberger

These changes won’t solve all of the Steelers’ problems, as none of them are named Ben Roethlisberger. However, if Roethlisberger wants to play off the final year of his contract with the Steelers, Tomlin needs an offensive coordinator who can figure out how to get the most out of Roethlisberger and his surgically repaired elbow.

This was a problem this season as an 11-0 start turned into a 12-4 win with a loss in the wildcard round. Confidence in short passes and practically no running game made the Steelers very beatable, and it’s up to Fichtner’s replacement to come up with something new.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner will no longer be with the Steelers after 13 years on the team in 2021. (Photo by Joe Sargent / Getty Images)

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