Studying the language from TikTok takes Duolingo to new heights – WPXI

PITTSBURGH – Zaria Parvez’s favorite days are shooting days for TikTok.

As the social media coordinator at Duolingo Inc. (NASDAQ: DUOL) based in Pittsburgh, a freemium education platform primarily focused on language learning, Parvez is responsible for leading the team behind the company’s account at TikTok – one Beijing-owned social network service. founded ByteDance Ltd. which mainly offers short videos made by its users.

Parvez is also responsible for the account’s recent explosive and viral hit, which generated more than 73 million views in the 25 videos he posted last month.

It’s the first job 23-year-old Parvez has had since graduating from the University of Oregon in the Spring of 2020 and officially joined Duolingo last June. As a user of the video-based platform long before she started the job, Parvez was confident that she knew what makes a successful video on TikTok after seeing so many of them for herself. Because of this, she also saw an opportunity for Duolingo to better take advantage of the TikTok platform for those who can best use it.

Read more in the Pittsburgh Business Times.

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