Sunday standings: Japanese Division shakes COVID chains and will get again to work

With postponements and stoppages in the NHL season, this week may have marked a turning point where all teams came back and played in the Eastern Division. This is no mean feat as New Jersey, Buffalo and Philadelphia have weathered and ultimately overcome a number of COVID issues over the past week.

Good news is good news, and we’ll see how it goes on from here. This is what the ranking list looks like from now on:

Here are the records of the week:

Boston 0-1-0
Philadelphia: 0-0-1
Washington: 2-2-0
Pittsburgh: 3-1-0
New York Islanders: 2-2-0
New York Rangers: 2-1-0
New Jersey: 2-1-0
Buffalo: 1-3-0

It’s been a good week for the Penguins, having a good week and taking the top three wins in the division. Better still, it was against Washington and NYI who will be playoff contenders for them when the season ends.

It was kind of a week when Boston and Philly didn’t play many games, but neither did they win. Washington, Pittsburgh and NYI are all picking up a bit of steam.

The big problem seems like it is setting in for Buffalo. They saved a little by beating the Devils on Saturday, but after returning from their COVID hiatus, it was a rude welcome back with three straight losses to the Isles (x2) and Washington before that.

It’s been a good rebound for the Rangers, who have won their last two games after playing 3-1 before and were in danger of falling out of the chase. Two wins give them some momentum.

Overall, the Pens can look forward to two home wins against the Isles at the end of the week. But Pittsburgh are at home 7-1 and the next four games next week are all against NYI and WSH. These two teams have a combined 9-3-2 record in their barns, which makes for a very difficult path for the pens. If they find a way to scratch out some points next week it will be very good for their future prospects, but it will certainly be a very challenging week for them.

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