Sydney Segal says it’s an “honor for America” ​​to see her compete on “Survivor 41” – CBS Pittsburgh

(CBS) – Even though Survivor has been on TV for over two decades, he still finds a way to deliver premieres. Last night, Survivor 41 did just that when Sydney Segal became the first player to use a Shot In The Dark with the Tribal Council. Unfortunately for Segal and The Sydney Segal Community, that shot missed and their time in the game was up.

CBS’s Matt Weiss caught up with Sydney to discuss her time in the game, her duty to America, and what it took to eliminate her from the island.

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MW- Hey Sydney, unfortunately your time on the island came to an end last night but you had a pretty good run that definitely made an impact. When you think about everything today, how do you feel about your time at Survivor?

SS- There are good and bad, but I think the good definitely outweighs the bad. I had a great time, I walked in like, very, very scared. In all honesty, I originally applied for The Amazing Race but when I heard about Survivor I thought how could I not do it.

I felt that my fear was going to manifest itself physically, as if I thought it was going to be physical pain from hunger and exhaustion. But in the end I had so much fun.

I was worried about how I would be in nature because I mean, I know I’m a mermaid, but I’m Beverly Hills too. I love my drip, I need my Italian espresso. I thought this was way too natural, but I had a great time.

MW- So you almost drove yourself crazy, but then you got caught up in this tribal lifestyle …

SS- Literally. It’s definitely a side of me that I enjoyed and I hope to do it again.

MW- You were so close to gaining immunity in the end, but then Ricard just rushed in and tossed it away. What do you think about when you face this challenge?

SS- So in the challenge I only focused on myself. I actually missed one of the lower parts, I forgot to move things to put it in and I thought damn I’m so good I got the base down while missing a part. I am that good.

Anyway, I lost to a dancer, so if I lost to someone, a dancer was good for me. So I was whatever, because at the end of the day my goal was just like winning, my first goal is not to get embarrassed. I’m a winner, but that’s always my first goal. So once again I have proven that I am a threat when faced with challenges and that is good for me.

MW- You’ve definitely represented yourself well out there and if we move on a bit, did it hurt when you saw Deshawn put your name out there? I know it’s part of the game, but there is the human element of someone you’ve worked with turning a corner.

SS- Right there is the human element and I know they showed the attitude in which Deshawn says my name, but at that point everyone was saying everyone’s name. There was one point where me, Deshawn, and Evvie were all talking like there was only one option at that point, Danny.

Nobody really wanted out of Danny, but what are you going to do at that point? So yeah, Deshawn was definitely there for himself what I would have been for myself. At the end of the day, he used an extra voice to try to save me. It was a bit slimy, but luckily for our current friendship, it didn’t make me slimy.

MW- And I’m always curious what it is like to see yourself on TV in this environment?

SS- As I said on TV, I’m very self-obsessed so every time I see myself on screen I think I’m such a bastard, it was so much fun. [laughs] I mean, personally, I had an amazing time looking at myself. I have three or four mirrors in my room so I love to look at myself.

To see myself on TV and to see myself from America, it was an honor for America. It was a gift from CBS to America to get to know me, so it was great. But even on a selfless off-brand note, I loved it for my family, I loved it for my friends, I loved it for friends of friends.

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It was so much fun for the Sydney Segal community, as for my kingdom, I loved it for them. I was very surprised at how much I wanted it for almost everyone else more than for myself.

MW- As we near the final tribal council and things collapse for your alliance, when do you feel like things are not going the way you wanted them to?

SS- So it was somehow the right moment for Liana to be made a clown by Xander, because that should help me. But nothing in the game surprised me and I just thought my voice wouldn’t really matter. Just reading the room and being as confident and intelligent as I am, based on where the idols are, based on where the paranoia is, and based on what the alliances look like, I’ve been exactly where I wanted to be in the game.

It’s all about voting blocks, so I’d rather be between two alliances than in one. So I was exactly where I wanted to be, but depending on where things were at that moment, I realized I could be collateral damage. So I realized that I was actually an option.

So I think I’d rather put my fortune on luck than with these losers. Everyone I wanted to work with voted with me, every single person on both sides of the alliances. It speaks to exactly where I felt in the game and that’s where I wanted to be and that’s where I was. So yeah it was a great way to go out because the only way to get me out of it was for it to become an epic tribal and that was the only way, literally the only way.

MW- And you were the first person to write history who ever played your “Shot In The Dark”.

SS- Oh, I love this for myself, literally. People have asked me if I regret playing it because then I probably wouldn’t have gone home and I regret making history? That’s a stupid question next.

MW- You have already answered this, but I will give you the opportunity to elaborate on it. If you get the chance, will you go back to Survivor?

SS- One hundred percent, one hundred percent. I will and will play exactly as I played before because I didn’t do anything wrong. The only thing I would probably do differently is probably more spearfish to get away from people more often.

Mental health is important on the island too, so spearfishing and getting away from everyone you have to live with on this island is quite therapeutic. But yes, no, I’ll do it 100% like a hundred percent.

I couldn’t do America a favor by not accepting the invitation. Even if I didn’t want to, I’m nice, I feel like a nice person, so I would do it for her. Also for the haters, because haters are just fans in disguise.

MW- That’s right, give the Sydney Segal Community a call, they deserve it.

SS- Thanks very much. I agree.

MW- Thank you Sydney for the time today, it was fun and all the best for the future.

SS- Am grateful!

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