Take a look at the tiny home in Garfield that sells for $ 195,000

A queen size bed folds out of the wall.

There is a small table and three chairs four paces away.

There’s a love seat under the window.

In the compact kitchen nearby there is a refrigerator that is half the size of a standard appliance, a stove, a sink and a dishwasher and a combined washing machine.

Courtesy Kirsten Heagy / Fly Over Properties

The kitchen has a large stove, dishwasher and sink, as well as a small fridge-freezer and a machine for washing and drying clothes.

A full bathroom has a shower and a small bathtub.

The entire interior of the house can be viewed from pretty much one point.

The amenities in this home are small – and were designed that way.

A tiny house in Garfield is on the market for $ 195,000. It is an evergreen ranch style single family home. At 368 square meters, this equates to the space of a two-car garage.

The one bedroom, one bathroom property is located at 223 N. Atlantic Ave. in Garfield. It was built in 2015 and sold for $ 109,500 in 2016. The house has been on the market for about a week.

“It was built with green energy efficiency in mind,” said Tirzah DeCaria, a broker at Re / Max Select Realty. “It got a certain amount of interest. This quality is a lifestyle. It’s not for everyone, but there are people who frequent these tiny houses. “

The owners asked that they not be named.

DeCaria said the place was used as both rental and office space.

The main living area is referred to as “flexible space”, which means that it can be converted from the bedroom to the office to the living room. It has a wall bed that can be pulled out of the wall for use and hidden when not in use. Hardwood floors are throughout the house.

There is a lot of natural light. The storage space includes a few drawers and a cupboard.

The kitchen has quartz countertops, a small fridge / freezer and washer dryer with a unit under the counter.


Courtesy Kirsten Heagy / Fly Over Properties

The basement of Garfield’s house.

The largest room is the basement. It is accessible through a hallway near the couch. A ladder provides a route into the cement block area. With 9 foot ceilings, the basement is designed for storage.

There is a porch. The roof can be used as a garden.

“It’s very private,” said DeCaria. “Minimal labor is required to maintain the exterior of the home.”

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