Take a look at these colourful chocolate truffles from Chocolate Fusion | from Lawrenceville to Essen | Pittsburgh

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CP Photo: Ryan Deto

Chocolate Fusion chocolate truffles

Some days a pick-me-up is needed, and a sweet treat can improve anyone’s mood. And when these goodies also resemble artistic jewels, it’s usually a little easier to forget what is making you sick: the coronavirus pandemic, another cold and gloomy winter, or just plain general malaise.

Pittsburgh-based chocolatier Chocolate Fusion has more than 30 rotating chocolate truffles to choose from. Each is sweet, decadent, beautifully colored, and features flavors that range from alcohol to coffee to popular classics.

The candy store on Butler Street in Lawrenceville sells fudge and caramel in addition to its signature truffles. According to Chocolate Fusion’s website, all of the chocolates, fudges, and confectionery are handcrafted in the shop’s small kitchen.

Chocolate Fusion has been operating at the Lawrenceville location for a little over a year, collaborating with other local chocolatiers to create decadent and artistic truffles like A519 in Millvale, Sinful Sweets in Downtown, and others.

I recently tried six of Chocolate’s Fusion truffles. Each had a satisfying outer layer colored to look like modern art, and each was very distinguishable from the other flavors. Inside is a creamy and silky filling that is flavored with fruit, caramel, spirits, coffee, nuts and confectionery.

The Black Cherry Bourbon was particularly tasty. A strong chocolate taste in advance slowly evolves into a hint of sweet whiskey and then ends with a dash of sour cherry. And the texture of the hard shell combined with the creamy yet firm center is extremely satisfactory.

And if you’re a alcohol fan like me, Chocolate Fusion has nearly a dozen truffles inspired by spirits, wine, and cocktails like Moscow Mule, rum punch, and even a tequila sunrise.

According to the website, Chocolate Fusion is based in Pittsburgh but is aiming to expand into other cities in the region and in the country. So keep an eye out for new artisanal truffles coming to a neighborhood near you.

Chocolate fusion. Wed-Thu 12 noon-6 p.m., Fri-Sat 12-8pm, Sun. 12-6pm 3703 Butler St., Lawrenceville. ocolatefusioncandy.com

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