Teen’s try to flirt goes terribly incorrect: “Higher luck subsequent time”

Usually, most of us don’t take rejection well, especially when we are rejected by someone we are madly in love with. But a Pittsburgh teen made it their business to get rejected – for a funny reason.

Meet Hunter Badamo. In the past few weeks, the 16-year-old has posted videos himself in which he performed “speed runs”. In competitive video games, a speedrun is a playthrough with the goal of finishing a game as quickly as possible. In Badamo’s case, the teen sends private messages to girls on Snapchat and how long it will take them to reject him.

In one of his TikToks released on December 29, Badamo recounts his conversation with an unknown girl on Snapchat while pretending to play the exchange like it’s a video game.

“Okay, let’s go, we’ll stick with the Read Speedrun,” he says and sends the girl a selfie. “Okay, it’s our turn. Incidentally, a full screen for an 80 percent higher probability of rejection. “

In a message to the girl, Badamo asks her if she will go out with him. When the girl opens his snapshot, she asks if he is doing sports.

“Perfect setup,” says Badamo, before telling her he’s in a marching band.

The girl reopens his snapshot but does not respond, causing Badamo to pause the timer set on the screen.

“Perfect speed run”, he says and notices a speed run time of 13:44 seconds. “Nice work guys.”

The TikTok, which has been liked more than 100,000 times, has resulted in similar clips in which Badamo tries to get rejected as soon as possible. In a newer TikTok released Jan. 7, Badamo sends a selfie to another girl via Snapchat and interrogates her.

“Okay, Player, we have a new speed run today – we’re rejected – so start the clock. Let’s get started, ”he tells his followers. “Let me say we go balls deep here with a full screen and smile.”

If the girl agrees to go on a date, Badamo tries to change her mind.

“She wants to play hard here,” he says. “We’ll mention that we play chess. The likelihood of losing your virginity decreases exponentially the more years you play chess. So guys, if you’re trying to get it, you’re not playing chess. “

The story goes on

After asking if Badamo actually plays chess, the girl confirms his “lie” and receives the answer he was waiting for.

“Leave me alone,” she writes back.

The 16-year-old was delighted by her answer.

“Bam, that’s it,” he says in TikTok and points to a speedrun time of 14:42 seconds. “That’s a bloody record. Let’s go!”

The teen’s antics have earned him a number of new followers since then (he currently has more than 29,500 followers), along with a number of enthusiastic – and sometimes sarcastic – comments.

“Very nice recovery, good thinking with the chess strategy,” wrote one person in response to Badamo’s TikTok on January 7th.

“Congratulations King,” added another.

“Better luck next time,” wrote a third.

There’s still no word on whether Badamo’s rejection records have been beaten on Snapchat.

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