The 9-year-old Latrobe opera singer displays on the historic America’s Acquired Expertise Audition


W.What did Victory Brinker have in the two days she was America’s Got Talent audition collected more than 4.9 million views on YouTube?

“I gave many, many, many interviews,” says the 9-year-old opera singer from Latrobe.

Between Jackie Evancho, Ashley Marina and Gabby Barrett, Pittsburghs had its fair share of young singers in notable talent reality shows. But after Brinker’s audition in the 16th season of “AGT” on Tuesday evening, she is the first to make history.

America’s Got Talent, a show notorious for rejecting candidates with a red buzzer, also has each judge use a gold buzzer to reward the auditions they think are exceptional. Each of this year’s jurors – Howie Mandel, Sophia Vergara, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell – as well as presenter Terry Crews had already used their golden buzzers when an “ex-nervous” – excited and nervous – Brinker took the stage.

But after Brinker put on a rendition of “Juliet’s Waltz” that widened the judges’ eyes, Cowell – who has a reputation for interrupting singers in the middle of an audition – took the lead in breaking one of the show’s precedents.

“We’re not going to give you a ‘yes’ today,” said Cowell. “We’re going to do something different that we’ve never done on the show before. We will all give you something special. “

Then crews and judges hit the golden buzzer at the same time, shot confetti in the air and secured Brinker a place in the live shows of “AGT”.

Brinker and her family – which includes her 10 siblings – watched the audition on television at a local restaurant with friends and parishioners. Christine Brinker, her mom and backstage supporter during the audition, says the reaction her family has received makes them emotional.

“The response and the support, the kind words and the encouragement that we received from the community, people all over the country, other countries, family, friends – it was really overwhelming,” says Christine Brinker. “I cried during the show and sometimes I read the news and cry again.”

“I cried too,” says her daughter.

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But while the rest of the world first heard Brinker’s voice, many in Pittsburgh – and even across the country – were already aware of her talent.

Brinker, an early narrator, began memorizing entire CDs at ages 2 and 3 and put on shows for her family at ages 4 and 5. When she was 6 years old, she wanted to see a video of a person who could sing the highest notes, igniting her passion for opera. Then Brinker asked her mother, a choir director and worship leader, to teach her an opera song.

“I had taught her other songs so I said ‘okay’. I felt that ‘Ave Maria’ was doable and not too far from her to learn, and she learned it straight away, ”says Brinker. “In two days it was exactly where it needed to be and she said, ‘Now I want to be on a talent show like America’s Got Talent.’ Find me a talent show. ‘”

Brinker wasn’t sure if her daughter could handle a talent show, but decided to register her for one when she was persistent.

“She bobbed up and down behind the stage – she couldn’t wait to be in line. She was so excited, ”says Brinker. “I still wasn’t sure what she would do when she stood in front of the judges and the lights were on, but she went out and sang her love and won the talent show.”

A talent show turned into 13 this year, which then led to it sing the national anthem at the Pirates home kick-off. And then that NBA playoffs. Then came an appearance on NBC’s “Little Big Shots”, followed by a Duet with Ali Ewoldt. from the phantom of the opera.

Now Brinker has finally arrived where she wanted to be since the start of her journey over three years ago: “AGT”. But there is a simple motivation behind her incredible achievement.

“I just want to sing for everyone so that I can make them happy,” says Brinker.

However, some people who hear their voices are moved to tears with emotion.

“I like it when they cry happily … not sad crying, ugly crying, or crazy crying,” says Brinker.

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Her mother describes the trip, which took the whole family on trips abroad, as a blessing.

“With all of our children, there is nothing that fills my heart more than watching my children find something they enjoy doing, something that really motivates them, be it gymnastics, basketball or reading,” says Brinker. “With Victory, the whole family can have fun with it.”

As well as speaking opera, Brinker speaks seven languages, although her mother says her world is more than just these two things.

“She just likes doing all the typical things, not just singing and working on the language – and that’s no work for her,” says Brinker. “She has days when she just says, ‘I just want to swim all day.'”

Brinker also likes typical children’s favorites like playing with slime or eating pizza and spaghetti – which she likes to say with an Italian accent.

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When asked on the show what she would do if she won the $ 1 million grand prize, Brinker simply replied, “Buy Simon”. [Cowell] a rainbow shirt with glitter on it ”, a reference to the judge’s colorless wardrobe. After her audition, however, she added a few more things to her list.

“I would give something to the homeless and put something on a board, give something to help people adopt and buy some slime for myself,” says Brinker.

In the meantime, however, Brinker was busy preparing for her next gig and doing lots of interviews. And of course still time to be a 9 year old.

“She was at Chuck E. Cheese’s last night and having fun with her brothers and sisters, so we have fun with that, too,” says her mother.

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