The block challenge | Pittsburgh Put up-Gazette

When Ms. Harnden asked several hundred institutions about the COVID-19 toll last spring, she noticed the emotional struggle.

Will I save my business or will I support my employees, they asked themselves. Do I stick to what I do best or do I retool for a new and temporary normal?

“Just as we all personally react to struggles in different ways, so are entrepreneurs,” said Ms. Harnden.

Some say, ‘I own my building, I will close and beat the storm. One business owner said, “It’s really scary, but kind of exciting. I haven’t felt so creative since I opened. ‘“

While the pandemic is still raging, Ms. Harnden ‘WhatsApp group is starting to think about what sociable cities like Pittsburgh will look like after the pressures ease. If many people continue to work from home in the future, the neighborhoods will become even more important. Instead of working to get people off their home lawn, it could help them invest more in their surroundings.

“I think something that comes out of this is companies really listening to consumers,” she said.

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