The GLD Store rises to the peak of the life-style, vogue and jewellery business

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 29, 2021 / For the star photographer Dan Folger he only wanted to travel the world, take photos and tell stories; However, what started as a big dream from his parents’ basement has now grown exponentially and now boasts a huge Miami headquarters of around 20,000 square feet. This comes after years of persistence and hard work working as Wiz Khalifa’s official cameraman while touring the world, building a high-profile network and curating the story on the side. All of this has since grown into a successful lifestyle brand and jewelry company called GLD-Shop.

Dan Folger is a 27-year-old star photographer and entrepreneur from Pittsburgh, whose experience is instrumental in becoming the man he is today. And as someone who grew up in Pittsburgh, Folger believes he traces “life very quickly and without warning” back to childhood and adolescent experiences he grew up in Pittsburgh.

As co-founder of GLD with friend Justin, Folger stated that the GLD Shop was born after he managed to build a solid network of connections with celebrities and famous people; Hence, he was motivated to build a legacy for himself. The GLD Shop is a 21st century lifestyle and jewelry company dedicated to supporting celebrities. Famous and common people satisfy their love of expensive and fine jewelry without necessarily breaking the bank or sometimes breaking the bank, depending on their preferences.

The GLD shop, described by Dan himself, is not in competition with other brands in the same industry, because in his opinion GLD serves a retinue of carefully selected customers who, in addition to their financial possibilities and their social status, also have the same cultural and ideological inclination as that Companies fit themselves. In the words of Dan Folger, the GLD shop leads a pack, a tribe of like-minded people who are bound by one thing; their love of jewelry.

The story goes on

The GLD Shop specializes in celebrity-approved and custom-made jewelry and streetwear apparel that have made the rounds in the US and internationally. Shortly after the GLD was launched on Instagram, the shop integrated a clothing line into its lifestyle brand, creating some of the most modern and urban streetwear fashions. Over time, the company grew exponentially, which, according to Folger, was unexpected especially in such a short period of time. In addition to operating from a huge Miami headquarters, the company also has celebrities and associations such as the NBA, NFL, MLB, Justin Bieber, Machine Gun Kelly, Trae Young and of course Wiz Khalifa on its list.

Without a doubt, the GLD Shop has described itself as one of the most sought-after fashion and lifestyle brands of the 21st century. Given how much influence the company has gained among American A-list celebrities, it’s not hard to believe that this is just the beginning of the company’s plan to dominate the industry.

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