The group hurls vulgar chants on the feminine goalkeeper because the HS recreation turns ugly

Students from the Pittsburgh area were banned from attending their school’s hockey games and could face further disciplinary action after the crowd hurled vulgar and sexual chants at a goalkeeper. (Getty)

(Note: this story contains reports and footage of sexual harassment.)

The destructive nature of hockey culture has been exposed over the course of the past year, and unfortunately it is no different at the high school level.

During a Thursday game between Armstrong High School in the Pittsburgh area and Mars Hockey Club, a number of Armstrong students participated in sexually explicit chants directed at a goalkeeper on the Mars team, which left the nameless goalkeeper in tears.

As a result of the chants, all Armstrong students have been banned from attending hockey games, while students who allegedly participated in the chants face further disciplinary action.

“In my opinion that should have been stopped immediately by anyone who was there and has any moral value at all. I am disgusted with it. … There have been a lot of people who could have done it differently, “Armstrong director Kirk Lorigan said of Mike White of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Mars head coach Steve Meyers said the attacked player is the only goalkeeper on the squad while realizing she was the starter for all five of the team’s games this season.

“We have no one else. She plays Uni and JV for us. We’ve had a lot of girls in this league and we’ve never heard of anything like it. With all the training that we as coaches have to do about safe sport and athleticism, this shouldn’t happen. It is really disappointing that it fails so badly. “

Below is a video of the vulgar chant conducted by the Armstrong students and we don’t necessarily advise against watching it.

It has become all too common for the ubiquitous nature of abuse and sexual harassment in hockey to get its ugly head upright, and this is another incident within the sport where hockey has failed to protect its most vulnerable players.

We can only hope that the victim will find some rest while those who participated in this crude chant are quickly punished.

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