The local weather disaster: “A civil battle” between doers and stoppers

By Larry J. Schweiger
Pittsburgh Current Climate Columnist

In addition to criminal acts of defiance and attempts to overthrow a free and fair election, In an act of defiance while ignoring the risks to Americans, Trump lifted travel bans from countries where the virus variants spread so that more dangerous viruses could enter the United States under Biden’s watch.

Trump also failed to show the simple, polite, and respectful transition steps. He never met with President-elect Joe Biden and administratively did everything possible to slow the orderly transfer of power. True to shape, Melania also ignored protocol by refusing to give it to her successor, Dr. Jill Biden to give the usual tour of the White House.

If you watch the otherwise inspiring inauguration, you may have noticed a significant breach of protocol with the President standing in front of a closed White House door. As President Biden and the First Lady approached the White House, their entry was uncomfortably delayed as they were not traditionally greeted by a butler. In an act of pettiness, Trump fired his lead butler and sent the whole thing Lead staff home for the day to thwart the arrival of Biden. The way the Trumps treated the Bidens is a symbol of what Republicans will do to America in the years to come.

The deep republican resistance began in earnest when Obama, a newly elected black president, faced the great recession caused by the ruthless deregulation of the banking sector by the Bush administration. Obama and the Democrats had to approve the $ 800 billion bailout for the corrupt banking industry to avoid economic collapse. Despite her party’s fault, not a single Republican voted in favor of the bailout. Instead, most Republicans, with the exception of Senator John McCain and a few others, repeatedly attacked President Obama. Not only as a partisan did they play Trump’s lie about his birth certificate and paint him as a Muslim and an extreme threat to the American way of life.

Obama’s efforts to pass a climate bill were thwarted by the Senate filibuster rules while the Democrats held both the House and the Senate. Mitch McConnell promised to nominate Barrack Obama to a term of office in an October 2010 interview with the National Journal. The Republicans went out of their way to defeat Obama after one term, and they obstructed Obama during his two terms, forcing him to resort to short-lived executive orders including the Clean Power Rules. McConnell even refused to hold a hearing on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee to ultimately obstruct. By halting Obama’s efforts to control climate change, Republicans have deeply harmed America and the world.

The Republicans, with their false narrative, took back the House in 2010, the Senate in 2014, and then the Trump Electoral College in 2016. The Republicans of the House have since branded themselves a “Party of No,” and Mitch McConnell declared himself a “Party of No.” “. Grim Reaper ”to stop key laws passed by House Democrats. Aside from a massive tax cut on the wealthy and filling the court system with Federalist Society judges, McConnell and the Republicans blocked hundreds of major bills passed by the House Democratic legislators.

A doing nothing congress that began during Obama’s first term in office has been extended to this day, and President Biden has been forced to issue short-lived orders instead of looking for law.

The Republican stoppers will do whatever it takes to halt progress in the coming days, particularly on legislation to address the climate crisis. While Democrats now have a 51-50 majority with Vice President Harris, due to obstruction Mitch McConnell The demand that the Senate Democrats preventively abandon a reform of the filibuster for the duration of the 117th Congress does not happen legally. To date, the Senate has not yet passed an organizational resolution to establish the rules and procedures for dealing with the numerous urgent crises.

With a split US Senate, McConnell, the one Atlantic Magazine’s column called himself “the strict obstructionist”“The minority leader continues to stop the Senate’s action. At the same time, in the face of growing Republican opposition, Biden urges Congress to pass a $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 aid package. Still.” For once, McConnell and the Republicans, while harming every American, will not care about the numerous crises we face. They don’t care that 2020 started not only a deadly pandemic but also the devastating western fires, collapsing glaciers, devastating hurricanes and the second warmest year on record. Instead of banding together to tackle a raging virus, inadequate vaccines, unemployment, food shortages or a climate crisis, Republicans are now rejecting a second impeachment trial that leaves Trump the opportunity to as a dangerous threat to American democracy e.g. to return.

The repeated failure to tackle climate pollution will lead to more fires, floods, famines, droughts, border wars and civil unrest, as the climate crisis is now destabilizing the climatic, oceanic and ecological conditions for all life everywhere on earth. McConnell and the Republicans will use the filibuster to thwart the clean energy movement in the 21st centuryst Century with a planet that requires a quick path to a “carbon negative” future.

The makers of the Biden government will face the climate crisis by focusing on opportunities and not allowing stoppers to hinder progress as much as possible. President Biden has appointed many outstanding movers and shakers who work together to fight climate change with the limited tools of their agencies. The US government spends $ 600 billion each year, and Biden’s new executive order calls for the “Buy American” portion of its Build Back Better pledge. Federal agencies, while limited by the lack of overarching climate legislation, have some powerful policy levers to change our energy path. You should also need clean energy for the production of products made for the U.S. government.

The makers listen to health and climate sciences and act responsibly. Stopper do not oppose appropriate measures to protect people and the climate system. The makers listen to solid economists while the stoppers listen to the pontiffers of Faux News and block a minimum wage hike, tax reform and refusal of additional aid.

As an example of a doer, Pete Buttigieg is ready to lead. Because transportation is our main emitter of carbon pollution, which accounts for a third of the country’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. Biden’s election as Minister of Transport is an extremely important position. Buttigieg wants to bend the curve of carbon pollution from all modes of transport. America lags behind the rest of the world when it comes to high-speed trains that run on clean electricity.

The transportation department should urge state governments to improve their transportation policies to make way for electric vehicles with charging stations and to call for better cleaner local transit systems like electric buses. The EPA and transportation departments can use fuel efficiency standards for all new cars and trucks to promote electric vehicles. We need to end a pattern of big automakers spitting out gas guzzlers when electric vehicles are now more reliable, efficient and on the way forward. New jobs are possible for displaced pipeline workers as they can weld local transit rails instead of welding pipes.

We need progressive lawmakers in both parties who work bipartisan to end the stalemate and work for America’s future. Given that Trumpsters are holding Republicans down by threatening primary elections, that doesn’t look promising. The first step in healing our country is to condemn Trump and end his toxic political career. However, seventeen Republicans are unlikely to be found who will consent to the conviction.

Journalism is also important. The creators defend the truth and defeat the lies by seeking and supporting accurate information while rejecting the innuendo and rumors emanating from Fox and other irresponsible media and social networks. Stoppers welcome the lies. America has a deeply divided government, and the toxic media environment that we are watching creates an intense fight between doers and stoppers that is unsustainable.

Larry Schweiger is an award-winning author who has served as President of the National Wildlife Federation, PennFuture, and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. Buy his compelling and timely book with free shipping by clicking Book link.

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