The Nationwide Group is emphasizing the black-owned Pittsburgh enterprise as a part of Black Restaurant Week.Meals | Pittsburgh

Pandemics have hit many small businesses hard, but black-owned businesses are at the mercy of their losses.according to Study abroad at the University of California Santa Cruz, 41% of black-owned businesses closed in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, compared to 17% of white-owned businesses.

As more and more Americans are vaccinated and the economy continues to recover, a national group wants to help some black-owned businesses, including Pittsburgh, recover.

Starting this week, six black-owned food businesses in the Pittsburgh area have Black restaurant weekAn annual multi-city event celebrating the taste of Caribbean, African-American and Caribbean cuisine. We want to focus on black-owned restaurants, chefs, caterers, and food trucks to increase support for black culinary professionals.

Black Restaurant Week is a six black-owned food business in the Pittsburgh region as part of the No Crumb Left Behind Campaign, which works to provide improved marketing / PR / advertising to promote black-owned businesses. Focuses on. These Pittsburgh businesses are featured on the Black Restaurant Week website. June 4th (Friday) -June 13th (Sunday)Guests can enjoy prefix brunch, lunch and dinner menus at participating restaurants in the area.

According to the press release, the currently confirmed list of participating companies in the Pittsburgh region is: Black restaurant week Includes:

9 cafe, Southern cuisine restaurant. 900 Wood Street, Wilkinsburg.
Blanket and board, Event planning and catering company. Blanket and board dot com
Uncle Rick’s Smoke House, Barbecue catering company.
CobblerWorld LLC, Dessert company. 1059 Penn Avenue, Downtown.
Dirty bird chicken, Southern cuisine catering company.
Casa Brazil, Brazilian restaurant. 5904 Brian Street, Highland Park.

Businesses owned by blacks may be added to the list further. Also noteworthy is Pittsburgh Post Gazette Published last year Extensive list of black-owned restaurants in the area..

Black Restaurant Week started in 2016 with founder Warren Racket and co-founders Farrain Ferrell and Derek Robinson. This year’s national event includes free entry-level business registration and listing on the Black Restaurant Week website’s national culinary roster. Luckett wants to build on the success of past campaigns this year.

“We had a tremendous success in our regional campaign last year and wanted to continue that model to support businesses across the country,” Luckett said in a press release. “Restaurant participants gave us a great deal of testimony about how this campaign helped keep the door open.”

The National Group is emphasizing the black-owned Pittsburgh business as part of Black Restaurant Week.Food | Pittsburgh

Source link The National Group is emphasizing the black-owned Pittsburgh business as part of Black Restaurant Week.Food | Pittsburgh

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